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Welcome to Shoestring Cottage! Please take a good look around. You will find articles on frugality and general money saving, budget travel, savings, how to make extra cash, cheap and easy recipes, reviews and recommendations on books, places and products. You can see what we do to stay healthy on a budget, how to dress for less and how we save money in the garden.

Listed below are a few posts to get you going. Please feel free to comment – I love to chat. And do pop back! I add new posts 2-3 times every week.

Frugality and saving money

Focus on Frugality: why the little things do matter

Eight ways frugality will ruin your life

Twenty purchases to save money

Fifty ways to save money now

10 unusual uses for common household items to save you money

Top 20 frugal habits to beat spending fatigue

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Making money

Earn more money: unusual side hustle ideas

How boot sales can help you reach your savings goals

Reasons to save an emergency fund

Ten top tips for hosting foreign students

How to make money selling on eBay

Make money from your spare room: a guide

Frugal style

The great wardrobe declutter

Frugal fashion: dress for less

The art of being gorgeous on a budget: frugal beauty

Budget travel

Think you can’t afford a holiday?

Tales from a Welsh holiday: land of sunshine and rain

A trip to Brighton

Bargain hunters on holiday! Back in Wales

The frugal home

Cleaning as therapy

A budget lounge revamp

Save money on your heating bills

Simplify your life: declutter!

Time for a spring clean? Cashing in your clutter

Wildlife friendly gardening: keeping it untidy!

Frugal food

The joys of a well stocked larder

This month’s grocery challenge: eating on a budget

Meal planning: the benefits to your wealth and health

Reduce your food waste

And, of course, check out my frugal recipes page.

Well being

In search of a simple life: how to live more and stress less

Yoga for fitness: getting fit and healthy for less

Protecting the environment

And whilst you are making the most of your money, you could help to save the planet too!

Reducing waste in 2018: make do and mend

Ten easy ways to reduce plastic and save money

Ten easy eco friendly ideas to save you money