Favourite Frugal Recipes

Favourite frugal recipes


I firmly believe that it is possible to eat a varied and healthy diet on a budget. These aren’t all my creations and I have given credit where I am using other people’s recipes. Here are some favourite frugal recipes we have enjoyed here at Shoestring Cottage:

Soups, salads and starters

Carrot salad (V)

Courgette and celery soup

Leftovers soup

Poultry stock

Favourite frugal recipes: Main courses

Bacon and mushroom quiche, crust less (low fat)

Beef and mushroom casserole, slow cooked

Cheesy mushroom and lentil cottage pie (V)

Cheesy potato bake (V)

Chestnut, mushroom and parsnip roast (V)

Chickpea burgers (V)

Chick pea curry (V)

Chilli chicken
Creamy mustard chicken (Jack Munroe)

Chicken with chickpeas

Chicken andchorizo casserole

Chicken, maple roasted

Chicken pasta with chorizo
Chickpeas with spinach (V)

Courgettes stuffed with feta (V)

Courgette and tomato eggy bake (V)

Curried vegetable and chick pea stew (V)

Frugal fish pie

Greek salad (V)

Lentil vegetable stew (V)

Leek and potato pie (V)
Liver and bacon, Hairy Bikers

Macaroni cheese (V)

A marinade for meat

Moroccan rice with chicken and sausage


Pasta with bacon and vegetables

Pork and lentil casserole
Pumpkin risotto (V)

Ratatouille (V)

Rice with Mediterranean vegetables (V)

Risotto, leftovers

Sag aloo, Jamie Oliver (V)

Sausage and vegetable ragu

Sausage, Apple and herb stuffing

Spaghetti cheese casserole (V)

Spanish eggs (V)

Spanish omelette (V)

Spicy courgette stew (V)

Spicy chick peas (V)

Spinach cheese frittata (V)

Tarka  Dahl (V)

Tomato sauce, slow roasted (V)

Turkey and mushroom risotto

Vegetable paella (low fat and V)

Vegetable gratin (V)

Cakes and desserts

American apple cake

Apricot fool

Banana and walnut loaf

Banana muffins


Bread pudding, spiced

Chocolate brownies (GF)

Chocolate cake (Hairy Bikers)

Eve’s pudding
Farmhouse fruit cake

Pavlova fruit trifle

Pumpkin cake

Yogurt, home made