50 More Ways to Save Money in 2019

save money in 2019

New year, same goals – to live as good a life as possible on the least amount of money! Some years ago, I wrote a post 50 ways to save money now. I thought it was time to extend this. So to help you to save money in the new year, here are 50 more ways to save money in 2019.

50 Ways to Save  Money in 2019

  1. Leave your credit and debit cards at home and carry just the cash you have budgeted to spend.
  2.  To save money in 2019, how about a skill swap? If you are a great mechanic but would like to learn to cook or sew, or you are willing to swap babysitting skills for gardening know-how, you can find someone to trade skills with at swapaskill.com.
  3. Always do a comparison before renewing utilities, insurance, etc. You may not even need to swap. Just call your provider and tell them you have found a better deal. They are likely to match it.
  4. Go through your bank statements regularly so that you know what is coming in and going out. You can also make sure you aren’t still paying for things like insurances for appliances that are long gone.
  5. Sell items you no longer use. It makes no sense to have things sitting gathering dust when someone else could be making good use of them and you could earn money. Try Marketplace on Facebook, eBay, Schpok, etc. or do a boot sale.
  6.  Move your credit card debt to a zero per cent deal. Money Saving Expert is a good place to find the best offers.
  7. To save money in 2019 and beyond, make your resolution to cancel your unused subscriptions to the gym, to magazines or online music providers. So much cash is wasted on these!save money in 2019
  8. Pay yourself first. Set up a direct debit to your savings account and arrange for a regular amount to be transferred as soon as you are paid.
  9. Have a no spend month. I do this every January and sometimes October too. Join in my challenge and kick start your bid to save money in 2019!
  10. Go to the supermarket late in the day (3 pm on a Sunday or before a bank holiday is usually a good time) to get the most reduced items.
  11. Similarly, go to the market near the end of the day on a Saturday – they often have amazing reductions on stuff they just need to get rid of.
  12. Don’t buy pre-prepared chopped food (unless it is a yellow sticker item). You will pay a lot extra for the convenience.
  13. Check the world food section at the supermarket for items such as rice as they often retail in larger packs for a cheaper price.save money in 2019
  14. Buy cotton wool from the baby section rather than the cosmetics shelf. It is exactly the same, just much cheaper.
  15. Only buy food that you can eat quickly or freeze to prevent food waste.
  16. If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, make your own home made oat milk.
  17.  Consider using powdered milk rather than fresh for sauces, porridge, custard, etc.
  18. Don’t buy the little one portion sachets or cups of microwaveable porridge. Oats are microwaveable anyway!
  19. Keep your vegetable peelings in a pot in the freezer and when you have enough make nutritious vegetable stock. It is so superior to the powdered stuff.
  20.  Meal plan. Having a plan means you will have the ingredients in and will be far less likely to get a takeaway or end up eating rubbish.
  21. Eat your leftovers. Take them to work for lunch or freeze them for when you are too busy to cook.
  22. Invest in a slow cooker such as this large Morphy Richards one. They cost very little to run and make cheap ingredients more tender and tasty.save money in 2019
  23. Purchase generic versions of over the counter drugs and remedies. The pharmacist will advise you of the generic equivalent to the expensive brand names.
  24. Understand what a bargain really is – don’t get fooled by the BOGOF offers if you weren’t planning to buy the item anyway. If you were and will definitely use them, stock up!
  25. Consider buying an electric blanket or heated throw to save money on your heating bills.
  26. Make or buy thermal linings for your curtains. You will really notice how they help to keep the heat in.
  27. Use a money jar to collect your coppers. Save them up for Christmas, then take them to the bank or a cash counting machine.
  28. Pay your phone bill and other regular bills on time so you don’t get any extra charges. It is best to set up a direct debit.save money in 2019
  29. Take cuttings from your houseplants to make extras. Some even provide you with little mini plants that just need to be rooted and planted, like spider plants.  We are filling the house up with plants nowadays as they help to clean the air.
  30. Buy the best you can afford to save money in 2019. Durable and long lasting items may cost more to begin with but will pay their way.
  31. Buy everything that you possibly can second hand. This helps the environment as well as your bank balance. Charity shops are also likely to benefit from your custom.
  32.  Rent out your home when you go on holiday. You can do this through organisations like Air B&B.
  33.  If you want a change of scene but can’t afford a holiday, you can join an organisation such as Trusted House Sitters, where you look after people’s pets whilst they are away. You can stay in the UK or travel all over the world!
  34. When you make a purchase online, always check Top Cashback to see if you can make your purchase through them and get cash back. If you go through my referral link you will earn £5 extra as soon as you make your first purchase.
  35. Value your possessions. Look after them. Learn to repair them. If you value the things you own it will save you buying a replacement.
  36. Wash your clothes less. Unless you work in a manual job, your clothes can probably be worn more than once. This means that you use less hot water and laundry soap and your clothes will last longer.save money in 2019
  37. Air dry your clothes rather than use a tumble dryer.
  38. Use it up! Dilute the last of your shampoo or conditioner to stretch it; cut off the end of your toothpaste or foundation tubes, etc.
  39. Go for reusable sanitary products instead go of disposables, such as a Mooncup.save money in 2019
  40. Use your grey water (that is, your waste water from washing up, showering or bathing) to water your plants outside.
  41. Share your bathwater. I generally shower but if one of my daughters runs a bath we will often share. We aren’t that grubby!
  42. Go skip diving.
  43. Plan ahead to avoid convenience purchases. For example, if I am going into town or out for a walk I always take my water bottle and often a snack and flask too.
  44. You can save money by buying a no contract used phone then sign up for a super cheap sim only deal. We use Tesco Mobile and pay around £12 a month for all the calls, texts and data we could possibly need.
  45. Don’t go near the sales unless there is something specific you wish to purchase.save money in 2019
  46.  Having said that, the post Christmas sales are the best time to buy all of your cards, wrapping paper, gift sets and decorations for next year. Just don’t forget where you have put them and buy them again!
  47. Write yourself a monthly budget so that you know exactly what you will be spending, saving and what you will have left over.
  48. If you are a fizzy drink fanatic, buy the large bottles and decant to smaller ones rather than continuously buying small bottles when you are out and about. Alternatively, stick to fizzy water and mix with squash.
  49. Pay your car insurance annually rather than monthly, if you can afford to.
  50. If you like a lot of days out, subscriptions to English Heritage or the National Trust can be a worthwhile investment and save money after just a couple of visits.

Whatever you need to save money in 2019 for, I hope these ideas help. Please add your own in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “50 More Ways to Save Money in 2019

  1. Lots of good tips! Just one point – as a singleton I find that buying “Salad in a bag” and a few other items already prepared is actually a savings for me. I like a mix of greens but couldn’t possibly eat 3 different lettuces (or more) before they go bad. Having a certain number of servings all set let’s me plan out my meals for the week. This wouldn’t work for a family of course and I do prepare and cook most things from scratch.

    • I’m the same but I then started thinking about what actually a ‘salad’ should consist of. Now I buy some salad things which will keep in a bag in the fridge for a week and add other things to my salads. E.g. I’ll buy a couple of carrots and grate them then keep them in sealed container in fridge, buy bag of radishes, a couple of onions, if the season’s right, a cucumber. Then I make up my salad with some of the grated carrot, some chopped radishes, chopped onion, add some chopped chilli gherkins from a jar, ditto jalapenos. If the cucumber and peppers look good then I’ll buy and add those in too. With some salad dressing on, it all makes a really good, colourful salad, much healthier and more colourful than the bagged salads. Anything that’s left in the fridge at the end of the week gets chopped up and thrown in a ‘never the same flavour twice’ soup box I keep in the freezer. When that’s full, that gets thrown into my soup pot with either lentils or split peas and some stock cubes and paprika, chilli flakes etc. I hate food waste!

  2. Great suggestions. I would recommend Giff Gaff for a sim. I pay £5 monthly. I started off at £7.50 but as I’d signed up for emails I received an email saying my next payment would be taken but recommended I should go down to £5 monthly, which I did. I am notified each month how I’m doing. It’s just brilliant.

  3. Great list. Can I recommend giving up gift wrap and make cloth bags from waste material and cloths at end of life and give you presents in these. If buying fabric make sure there is no manmade fibers in them.

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