The art of being gorgeous on a budget: frugal beauty

Frugal beauty: A deceptive title as I am not talking about me! I am a low maintenance kind of woman. I don’t spend lots of time and money on my appearance. With limited amounts of each there are always more pressing (bills, food, petrol) or interesting (the garden, the house, holidays) things to spend them on!

As a consequence you won’t often find me leafing through the pages of Vogue (except to have a laugh such as here) or watching You Tube videos about how to contour my face. However, I am still interested in frugal beauty – I do use some products!

When you are the mum of teenage girls, as I seem to have been forever, you can’t help but get dragged towards certain TV programmes (because they hog the remote) and  retailers, because you are buying them clothes, makeup, toiletries or presents, and end up enjoying them 😀.

Clothes and makeup

If you too have young females to buy for on occasion, or love to buy fashion for yourself, has just reminded me of a brilliant one for clothes. does exactly what it says on the tin. It sells ex high street brands (detagged) and they are all a fiver! Because I am off on holiday in a couple of weeks, I purchased four brand new items for £20 yesterday. What a treat and a rare one for me! Better still, if you go over to MSE first they have a code to use to get free postage, but only until 6pm on Tuesday.

The other two I find myself buying lots from on high days and holidays are Beauty Bay and Cosmetics Fairy, both offering bargain prices. I don’t know how my daughters need so much makeup, but apparently they do! Need to be gorgeous at all times I guess. The pic shows one of my princesses being beautiful for her Instagram feed. Go over and give her a follow and a like if you do that kind of thing: she is @makeupbyisobel1. Thanks! I am also on Instagram as @shoestringjane.

Have a great Saturday!

12 thoughts on “The art of being gorgeous on a budget: frugal beauty

  1. We can look good on a budget as you know, Jane! Also, if we don’t look after your appearance when young, by the time we reach our seventies (i.e. moi!) we won’t have acquired the habit of looking the best we can., either. By this I mean always using a moisturizer, looking after our hands (applying hand cream before you go to bed), getting a really good haircut regularly. Clothes can be bought in charity shops, we all know that, and we don’t need to splurge on expensive cosmetics but I say we should take care of our skin and always have good shoes. The years make no difference to how we feel inside, either, and I still like presenting myself as the best I can look to the world, I don’t want to look like a nondescript old lady!
    Margaret P

  2. Gosh, what a beautiful young lady. I have two teenage girls who use Instagram and follow make up blogs/vlogs (Zoella being a firm favourite) so I’ll show them your daughter’s link. Love your blog.

  3. I have two sons, but do have nieces so know what you are talking about. Your daughter is absolutely lovely. Regards Sue H

  4. I and my girls are makeup minimalists but caring for skin is essential. I heard about everything for 5, but not in US. Your daughter is stunning-model stunning, so natural and healthy looking. I wish real girls were in the ads marketing to teens and young adults and not photo manipulated air brushed pictures. I bet some models mothers wouldn’t recognize their own child.

  5. I think that the young often like to experiment with new products and try everything as it comes out. When we get older we’re more confident about what suits us and see less inclined to be led by changing fashions. Your daughter has such fabulous hair, and ai’d love those eyebrows!

  6. Your daughter is so beautiful, what a gorgeous young lady, with a lovely Mum.
    Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading it.

    Pam in TX.xx

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