Cleaning as therapy

There is something deeply satisfying about cleaning and tidying. Bringing order to chaos, getting rid of dirt and clutter and regaining control gives me a new sense of calm. Maybe cleaning as therapy should be prescribed!

cleaning as therapy

Clean and tidy lodger room

Cleaning as therapy

Of course, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. It is hard work and takes time. However, I can only cope with a certain amount of disorder before I start to twitch. I’m not an OCD cleaner by any stretch of the imagination or a minimalist. I am not madly house proud, but I need to do a good weekly clean throughout to make me feel that all is right with my little world!

I spent the whole day yesterday doing a deep clean of the whole house, ready for my new lodger. First impressions are important, especially as she is arriving with her dad. I hit the cobwebs in all of the corners and cleaned all the woodwork and skirting boards with hot water and my home made cleaning spray. The windows all got a good shine and I washed all of the hard floors. The oven was scrubbed, as were the sink and fridge. I also wiped all of the cupboard fronts in the kitchen. Then the usual hoover and polish throughout, and we were ready.

Get rid of the clutter

I don’t like a lot of clutter either. I tend to keep on top of it as I go. However, there are some drawers and cupboards that need a bit of a clear out. What is the point of keeping loads of stuff you never use that just sits in your house gathering dust? If you leave it too long, you forget you have it! Now that autumn has arrived I will take advantage of having less to do in the garden and start to go through some of those dark corners. Definitely something for another day I think.

The garden does need a tidy up too to get ready for winter. The veg patch needs clearing and lots of things need cutting back. The greenhouse also needs sorting. We might get out and tackle the jungle later today, although it is looking rather grey and threatening weather wise at the moment.

I have achieved a lot this weekend anyway. Cleaning as therapy works for me. How about you?

7 thoughts on “Cleaning as therapy

  1. I also enjoy cleaning and making our home look swept and polished. And, like yourself, I’m not OCD, I can cope with the cushions squashed a bit, but I do like to create order out of what I see as chaos. Right now I’m taking a breather from cleaning upstairs. This is a dormer house, so our main living accommodation is on the ground floor, which is great, as we don’t have to climb stairs to bed in our later years. Upstairs there is a guest bedroom (formerly younger son’s bedroom) and a bed sitting room (formerly elder son’s bedroom) and a small bathroom. It is pretty as the ceilings slope, adding much-needed ‘character’, that elusive quality, to a modern (well, 1980s) house. Husband and I are giving it all a thorough clean today, I’ve changed the bed linen on the spare bed, and washed the towels even though they hadn’t been used, they just needed freshening. And all the furniture has been vacuumed and polished, all the bookshelves vacuumed and wiped down, and shortly I will go back up there to clean the bathroom floor once husband has vacuumed that – he’s in charge of the vacuum today! Men do like vacuuming, don’t they? Perhaps because it’s a machine, ha ha.
    I am truly amazed that you can do your whole house in a day, though. I can just about do a couple of rooms these days, but we do have rather a lot of books and pictures and ornaments, our own fault entirely. I could never be minimalist, but there is little actual clutter, I don’t go in for knick-knacks as such … well, they might be knick-knacks to others, of course.
    Your post has coincided with ourselves cleaning, so I might post about this myself on my own blog later today or tomorrow (
    But, oh the satisfaction of a lovely, clean and tidy home! After that I faff with flowers and things, I want to go out and find some new throws for the sofas for winter, soon, too. As we spend more time indoors, evenings are longer, the throws, although they need to be bought (not exactly a frugal thing to do) actually save wear and tear on the material of the sofa.

  2. I do like the feelings a tidy and ordered house brings, but find it impossible to keep it that way with other people living in it, so now, other than the essentials (hoovering, dusting, kitchen and bathrooms), it only gets a good tidy up if company is expected! 🙁

    I was planning on doing a session of house and garden after next weekend, when an important deadline that will take 90% of my available time each day time has passed, but as my right hand is currently encased in a cast (I broke the little finger yesterday! 🙁 ) those plans are going to have to be put on hold again! The dangers of procrastination!!

    • Oh Julia, I saw that on Facebook! What a pain! You have the best excuse for no cleaning

  3. I don’t enjoy cleaning and I’m not houseproud but I do like things to be clean and orderly. It is so satisfying to see everything clean and tidy after a session. I try to keep on top of everything with small regular bouts of housework. I am trying to tidy up the garden before the winter in between the showers. The winter is for sorting cupboards and getting rid of clutter. It is definitely therapeutic.

    • I hope Jane won’t mind me putting in my two-penn’oth here, Jean, but if you don’t enjoy cleaning, why not invest in nice cleaning things, to make it more enjoyable, almost treating it professionally? Smart aprons, a housekeeper’s box so that you have all your equipment together? Nice-smelling (but non-toxic) cleaning products? I bought a housekeeper’s box that I carry around to do the cleaning, and I find it really useful. And yes, clearing any clutter is therapeutic.
      Margaret P

  4. I have decided to do 1 hour a day cleaning to try and keep up with the housework now. I don’t achieve as much as I used to as I have a lung disease so I’m quite slow. I’m
    working on the theory of little and often as everything seems to need cleaning and I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all lol. Trying to declutter here also but fighting a loosing battle as husband is a hoarders – I throw it out he rescues it and I spot it in the garage!!!

    • Oh no, that must be hard for you. I think an hour a day is a brilliant idea though. Better than wasting a whole day on it!

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