Work with Me: Shoestring Cottage Media Pack

Why you should work with me

shoestring cottage

Hi! I am Shoestring Jane. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to have a good look around my blog, Shoestring Cottage. If not, find out more about me here. I have also been profiled on the UK Money Bloggers website.

I started my blog in 2013 as a way to keep my own finances on track. Now I love to share my money saving tips and the ways I use to boost my income. I am also keen to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and believe this fits in well with a money saving mindset.

Shoestring Cottage in the news

Shoestring Cottage was Mrs Crunch’s Website of the Week in August 2017. I have also been featured in the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Daily Mirror, Bella magazine and Prima.


If you would like to work with me, please get in touch. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Email: [email protected]

SHOMO Finalist

shoestring cottage

I am delighted that Shoestring Cottage was one of the finalists in both the 2017 and the 2018 UK Money Blogger SHOMO Awards.

What I can offer you

  • I enjoy writing content, whether it is a blog post for you or a sponsored post. I also write on a freelance basis for various organisations. You can find examples of pieces I have written on the Royal London website, for Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family here and for Loose Change on the UK Money Bloggers site. If you would like to work with me to create a sponsored post that is likely to be of interest to my readers, such as the one I recently wrote for Pension Bee,I would love to hear from you.
  • I write regular book reviews and I am happy to review other products and services, as long as they fit in with the ethos of my blog, helping families and individuals live the best life for less money.
  • I would be delighted to attend events if required.
  • I was a magazine and book editor for several years and like to think I can spot a spelling mistake at 50 paces. I am happy to consider freelance proof reading and sub-editing opportunities.

The stats for Shoestring Cottage

Shoestring Cottage averaged 35,300 page views per month between May 2017 and the end of April 2018. Current PA 33; current DA 30.