Tales from a Welsh holiday, land of sunshine and rain

Welsh holiday

South Stack

I woke up with a start this morning, thinking the alarm was going off. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to find I was still in the caravan on my Welsh holiday and I didnt have to get up for work. Excellent!

Back to Aberdovey

Welsh holiday

The guillemots through the telescope

We shall make the most of the last day of our Welsh holiday and have a walk along the coast at Aberdovey. We have been there 4 or 5 times but never actually walked the coastal path. Generally, we head to Aberdovey when the sun is out and tend to hang around on the beach but today a mix of sunshine and showers is forecast.

Then we will drive into Machynlleth and buy something nice for dinner and food for the journey back to Essex tomorrow. I love it here and I am always sad to leave. How lucky we have been with the weather! Only one day of rain and one rather dull day. The rest of the time has been full on sunshine, although it rained a river in the night!

South Stack, Anglesey

It was a beautiful morning when we headed out to the RSBP South Stack reserve at Holyhead yesterday.  Our Airbnb hosts left our breakfast on the table with a note to help ourselves. What a strange experience that was! I am sure if I was renting a room for the night I would get up and give my guests breakfast!

We didn’t linger. The fridge was completely filthy, we couldn’t find any juice and the only milk was the bottle we had bought the night before. We couldn’t get the toilet to flush either…We made some tea and toast and were on our way by 9.30. At least the shower was hot and the bathroom was clean.

South Stack was absolutely stunning. The cacophony of noise from the birds nesting on the cliffs was so loud. It was a bird city! We spotted some very rare choughs and thousands of guillemots. We probably also saw puffins but couldn’t be sure as we had no binoculars with us. If we ever return we will take them for sure.

Didn’t we have a lovely time…

…the day we went to Bangor! Mr Shoestring was curious about the long pier from the mainland that we could see when we were at Beaumaris the previous day. It seemed to be at Bangor so next we hopped over there – well, we drove again back across the Menai Bridge.

Welsh holiday

Bangor pier

Bangor is apparently the UK’s smallest city and it certainly didn’t feel like one. It had some nice little shops and a very large cathedral. We had a quick look around, and some very good fish and chips before talking a windy walk along the pier to the tea rooms. There were fantastic views across the estuary back to Anglesey.

I even managed to pick up some more charity shop bargains. I have two carrier bags full but think Mr S may have run out of patience so no more charity shop browsing today 😀.

Our Welsh holiday has been another good one. I wish we could stay another week! My next blog post will doubtless tell a tale of too much laundry and giant courgettes!

4 thoughts on “Tales from a Welsh holiday, land of sunshine and rain

  1. What a great time you and Mr Shoestring are having, Jane! When I first saw the view of the guillemots I thought it was a shot of the moon until I looked closely and saw the birdies! I think I need to go to Specsavers (again!)
    How strange that the bathroom was clean, but the fridge was not. Maybe they need a few housekeeping tips, people often don’t see their own grime. We did five house swaps and all were lovely but none was perfect – but then, what home is if it’s a home and not a show home or museum? Biggest culprits we found were manky pillows, washing-up bowls that needed replacing, over-used frying pan which needed replacing, or a frying pan that things stuck to, and non-sharp knives and kitchen scissors. Also, in one home there was something wrong with the waste pipe from the bath and when we showered (and over-the-bath shower), the water would stay in the bath and it would be joined by dirty water that seeped up through the waste pipe, not pleasant.
    I dare say there were minor faults with our home, but we did a very careful check on all kinds of things, and prepared for guests (we took about 6 weeks in the run-up to the swap making our home as perfect as possible, buying new pillows, new frying pan, making sure that everything was spic and span, windows cleaned, paths swept, garden tidy, all details of where to find things, how to work the heating if necessary, bin day, and so forth. It was quite hard work, but it paid off as people then appreciated our home and left it looking as clean and tidy as when we left it.) But all our efforts were good for us, as it made sure once a year that our home had a good overhaul, we actually benefited from this as well as the in-coming guests.
    It was hard work on the day of departure because we’d not only have to get ourselves ready (with two young boys) but also change all the bedding for the in-coming guests, and making sure the bathroom and kitchen were immaculate after our morning ablutions and breakfast. But it was worth it, we had free holidays, except our day to day expenses and petrol. Nothing is cheaper than free, is it? (Well, if you discount the new pillows, frying pan, washing up bowl, but these were necessary anyway.)
    Margaret P

  2. Thanks for posting details of your break, it’s making me want to visit north Wales even more now. Unfortunately it’s going to have to be the later part of the year. The photos are lovely.

  3. My cousin had a caravan near to Aberdovey and we stayed several times. It’s a nice area and it sounds as though you have enjoyed it as much as we used to.
    I’ll bet Margaret’s visitors always got the best end of the bargain ….you just know that the house would be pristine. I think it is very brave to house swap with strangers and I’m not sure my bravery would stretch that far. It is a great way to save money on a holiday though.

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