Cheap accommodation on Anglesey and the perils of Air B&B 

cheap accommodation on AngleseyWe have left our lovely caravan to spend the night in some cheap accommodation on Anglesey. It was a long drive up and we wanted to get the best of our time here so it seemed a good idea.

Beautiful Plas Cadnant

Anglesey certainly has some gems. We had a wonderful visit to Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens
followed by a trip to Beaumaris. Today we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather. What a gorgeous day! We even saw a red squirrel!

cheap accommodation on Anglesey

The gardens were gorgeous. They are in a gentle valley which creates a warmer micro climate than is usual for Wales, and the planting is stunning. The walled part of the garden is quite formal with triangular trees and deep flower beds on each side. The second half of the garden is more naturalistic, consisting of wild woods with dappled shady areas and  lots of little water falls. There were many places to sit and hear the relaxing sounds of trickling water – totally magical.

Cheap and cheerful

We found cheap accommodation on Anglesey and are staying overnight at a house on the island courtesy of Air B&B. This is the first time we have tried it and it is certainly  a very frugal sort of accommodation. Only £43 for the two of us.

However, it is a bit like a student house! The landlady is very sweet but the house smells of her two dogs and the mattress sags so badly in the middle so we have had to put some pillows down the centre so we don’t end up squashed together.

She has very kindly left us teabags and a kettle and told us to help ourselves to milk from the fridge. However, the fridge stinks and the milk was lumpy so we had to buy a bottle when we went out to dinner. Still, it is very cheap and only for one night 😀. Thank heavens!

Cheap accommodation on Anglesey We had a delicious meal out as a treat. Both of us had fish. Mr S had sea bass on a seafood biriani and I had a beautifully cooked piece of plaice. Followed by the hugest puddings ever! We went to Sullivan’s restaurant and we would recommend it.  The staff were lovely and the food was simple but delicious. Massive portions too if you are feeling hungry!

Cheap accommodation on Anglesey We had a walk along the beach at Rhosneigr after dinner. The sunset was amazing. What a great day. Worth sleeping on a lumpy mattress.

Anyone else familiar with this fabulous part of Wales? Have you tried Air B&B or found cheap accommodation on Anglesey – or anywhere else for that matter?

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  1. We haven’t tried an Air B & B experience yet, though we do frequent a B & B on our West Coast that we love and adore and travel to as often as we can. I’m sorry your time in the Air B & B has been a bit of a challenge. I hope it gets better!


  2. I am about to have my 4th Airbnb experience. The first was an expensive part of Brooklyn and was a beautiful house. Then we had 2 nights in a farmhouse in rural New York state. Last year was Amsterdam and next will be a caravan on the Essex coast. So far excellent and I will do a blog post about them soon. The gardens sounded wonderful.

  3. What a lovely break you are having! Those photos are stunning, or rather the photos of the scenery are stunning – and that pudding is something else!!! However, we’d have to buy a meal for one and share it, we haven’t huge appetites now we’re older (well, we never had them when we were younger, either.)
    Sorry to hear that your cheap accommodation wasn’t only cheap in £s but cheap in other ways! There is no reason, even with cheap accommodation for someone to offer a saggy mattress and a place smelling of eau-de-dog.
    I’m afraid I’m a fussy beggar (well husband and I both are) and we’d have been very disappointed as somewhere like you describe isn’t worth paying any money for, let alone £43 for the two of you. But I’m sure just for one night it won’t have spoilt your lovely holiday. I’m too fussy, I’m afraid, I admit that! We seldom go away now, but if we do, we will only go to places that are equal or better than our own home (not that one can always tell until one arrives there!) I recall a place in the Cotswolds which looked lovely in the photographs, historic house, beams, the works, and a lovely owner but … dirty? You could carve your name in the dust. I just coughed and coughed and after one night we said we’d have to leave, and made an excuse that I was ill (well, I was, I couldn’t stop coughing) because we didn’t want to say the place was simply too dirty for us as she was such a lovely person. Cups smeary, dirty tissues under the bed, grime everywhere, but a lovely house nonetheless. So I think you were amazing to put up with the place, even if only for a night!
    Margaret P

    • This is a young couple and cleaning is clearly not their forte. The fridge!! We haven’t even seen them this Morning. Just a note saying help yourself with bread and cereal left out. Good job we bought our own milk as theirs seems to have disappeared, maybe down the sink. We don’t mind, it was just a cheap place to lay our heads!

      • Unfortunately, young people tend to undertreat their rental accomodation. I’ve stayed with Airbnb hosts 4 times: in Belgrade, in St.Petersburg and twice in Espoo. The older the owners were, the cleaner were the apartments. But, since I went for longer than one night, I didn’t mind cleaning some things if that made me more comfortable (this usually refers to dishes, because I have a bug about the kitchen and clean utensils). But even with worse experiences, there were more pros than cons.

  4. We’ve used Air B&B a couple of times and never had any issues, they’ve all been sparkling! You can leave public feedback of course but you’ll also be asked by Air B&B if you have any messages for the host so you can mention the issues privately if you don’t want to rubbish the place publicly.

  5. AirBnB is something I would like to do as an owner in the future, especially if we buy somewhere more rural. The gardens look stunning and the Welsh weather has been kind to you. As for the sunset PRICELESS!

  6. My son is based at RAF Anglesey, we have been to visit twice and it is a truly stunning part of Wales. We take the train to visit and the last part of the journey is wonderful.I am lucky as we stay at his house, but if we go to stay in a hotel or b and b I always take anti bac wipes just in case!

  7. We’re looking into AirBNB or VRBO for a full apartment for France-Paris next summer. I’m hoping to find good recommendations with specific owners. There will be five of us, hubs, me, 2 adult children and a teen, and probably hosting a few of daughters European friends for an over night and dinner, so we really need the space and a kitchen to ensure we can keep meal costs down. This is our big splurge for our family in honor of our 30th anniversary. If anyone experienced either fof these sites in France, I’d love feedback.

  8. I know Anglesea fairly well and often stayed at the Travelodge at Bangor about six mi,e’s away, paying less than £50 a night for the room inclusive of tea, coffee etc. Most important, despite quite basic, the beds are extremely comfortable, the rooms are clean and the place smells nice!
    I would be horrified to experience a lumpy bed and smelly house, however low the cost. If people let rooms they should have more pride. I’m afraid I would have refused to pay!

  9. I used to live there for a number of years. There was a nice b&b up the road from me near Sandy Beach.
    Lots of people have static caravans that are cheap to rent (local council let you have one to encourage tourism to the island.)
    Something we nearly did as we had plenty of land and sea views from paddock.
    Shop around on there. Ask in locsl post offices, they know everyones business, lol.

  10. Lived on Anglesey for 7 and a half years in Holyhead. Loved the place. I’m not sure if we visited the gardens you talked about. We did visit a garden that was like the woodland part but that was near Wilfa power station in the north of the island.

  11. If you visit Wales again come and try our Airbnb accommodation! I am waiting to hear tomorrow if we get Superhost status and I am confident we will. Check out our listing Boutique Garden Chalet Ceredigion. £40 per night.

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