My top money saving blog posts for 2017

top blog postsIt’s always interesting to look back and review our year here at Shoestring Cottage. I thought it would be good to identify my top money saving blog posts to see which have been the most popular.

Earlier in the year I signed up with Google Analytics. It tells me all kinds of things, such as how many people have visited each day, which country they are from, how long they stayed for, etc. I find it fascinating! It also tells me which posts were the most read, so here is the top ten.

My top money saving blog posts of 2017

A tabloid sensation

Fame at last: spreading the frugal message. This was our first taste of fame, as we became tabloid sensations for the day, appearing in the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Daily Mirror. It was a bit of fun, although I avoided reading the Mail comments. They are always nasty!

A great debate

Lidl or Aldi: which is best? I was surprised that this was such a hit. Actually I like and use both Lidl and Aldi, but think Aldi has the edge.

Saving money on groceries

The Joys of a well stocked larder. This is fundamental in my list of money saving blog posts. If you don’t keep the basics in and know what you have in your kitchen cupboards, you will tend to buy more products you don’t need. You might not use them in time, which leads to food waste. This is a no-no in the thrifty kitchen, as I am sure you will agree.

Cleaning frenzy

Cleaning as therapy. Although not strictly a money saving post, this is a good one for the New Year. A nice clean, tidy and clutter free house does run nicely alongside a frugal approach to life. If the house looks nice you are less likely to want to spend money on redecorating or new furniture, or buy thing you already have buried in a drawer somewhere.

Making extra money

How to make money selling on eBay. One of my favourite money saving blog posts for after Christmas. You have all your new presents so might want to sell some of your old stuff to make space. Or you might want to sell the lovely, but not quite you, jumper that Auntie May gave  you. Selling on eBay is a great way to make a little extra cash at what may be a lean time of the year for some.

Planning ahead

Frugal Christmas: Budget now to save your bank balance. I wrote this one back in October. This was the money saving post that got picked up by a media company and sent to the tabloids. It’s all about planning for Christmas and it’s never to early to start….

A classic of frugality

Tightwad Gazette remembered. Ahhhh…. this absolute classic manual of thrift and frugality. Even though it is now over 25 years old I still give it a read every now and again for frugal inspiration.

Budget eating

This month’s grocery challenge – eating on a budget. We are always looking for ways to spend less and this money saving post focussed on groceries. It’s all in the planning. If you are new to money saving, you can usually get a quick win with your grocery budget.

A good declutter

New order: the great wardrobe declutter. Is there anything more therapeutic than a good declutter? I don’t like lots of stuff and don’t have masses of clothes. However, I find it incredibly cathartic to have a good clear out.

Time for a holiday?

Think you can’t afford to go on holiday? Ideas for frugal holidays. This is exactly the time of year to plan some kind of a break. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a holiday and this post gives some ideas for inexpensive and affordable breaks.

So, this was a taste of our year in blog post form. I hope you find some of these interesting and useful. If you write a blog, what was your favourite/most popular post of the year? Leave a link in the comments so that we can all go and have a read!

7 thoughts on “My top money saving blog posts for 2017

  1. All great posts, Jane. It is special to be featured in a major publication, especially when you something to offer, as you do. I go to the closest supermarket because it is so small. This stops me from buying specials that I wouldn’t normally buy, and I also don’t get carried away by all the products available. Less choice = spending less, for me anyway. I don’t sell online, I just find all of that sort of thing too hard, but I have a Yorkshire friend who does this very successfully. It pays for her petrol!

  2. Yes, all great posts, Jane, as Ratnamurti has said. The best way to be financially prudent is to budget carefully and when things get tight, not to be carried away with offers which, on the surface look a good idea but really are encouraging to buy more and spend more.
    I have just cancelled our subscription to Netflix as we only watched Homeland and The Crown and there seems little-to-nothing else we wish to see, so a saving of £10 a month for a start. I’m not saying I will save that money, but at least it’s not being spend on something we don’t need. It will buy me some flowers and a nice magazine or paperback book.

      • I have never been able to find any films that I want to watch, Jane. I’ve bought the DVDs of those I really wanted to see, such as Hidden Figures, but I’m not into fantasy, sic-fi, rom-com, CDI-films, or animation, or Harry Potter, but if you can recommend some decent films, I’d certainly look out for them on inexpensive DVDs and then I could pass those on to a charity shop once watched.

  3. following your blog on ‘tightwad gazette’, i bought a copy of the book on ebay and have adopted some of the tips*, so thx for the recommendation! *i have chosen not to take up the advice on using up ripped tights, but gave me a good laugh reading their suggestions…?!

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