Lidl or Aldi? Which is best?

I have been using Lidl for my weekly grocery shop recently, mainly because they built a brand new store five minutes from Shoestring Cottage with plenty of parking. However, I have been shopping in Aldi for years now. Which do I prefer, Lidl or Aldi?

Lidl or Aldi: they both save you money

Both of these discount supermarkets are guaranteed to save you loads of money. I estimate that I save £20-30 every single week by shopping at Lidl or Aldi instead of Sainsbury’s, Asda or Tesco. OK, they don’t have the huge choice that the bigger supermarkets have. To me this is actually an advantage. After working all day, I want to get in and out as quickly as possible and I can do my weekly shop in 45 minutes. I am not distracted by loads of extra products and not tempted by them either. I can’t bear shopping in the huge Tesco’s near me – it takes forever just to walk round and then back to the car!

Last night darling daughter wanted me to take her to her local Aldi so I went back 😀. Yes, you all know I am sad but savvy and this kind of thing cheers me up after a long, hard week at work!

Lidl or AldiFantastic skincare

I have particularly missed Aldi’s moisturisers. They are amazing value at under £2 a pot and really work. When you consider that some folk happily spend £40 on the same size pot, fooled by pseudo scientific claims of wrinkle reductions and firmer skin, it just proves just how gullible many of us are! All you need for good skin is to keep it clean, wear some kind of moisturiser, don’t spend too much time in the sun and don’t smoke! Seriously, I truly believe it is that simple. I have followed this advice for years and I am regularly told I don’t look my almost 54 years so it must be working 😀. Whilst I was there I went crazy and bought two. I prefer these to Lidl’s versions as I find theirs too highly perfumed.

Great wine

I also prefer Aldi’s wine range to Lidl’s. I am no expert, but I do buy a bottle a week and Aldi’s are best! You can get a decent bottle of wine from either for a fiver though. My daughters love Disaronno and tell me that they do a very good imitation in Aldi for about half the price.

So, all in all, when it comes to choosing Lidl or Aldi, the latter just about wins. I love them both really though!

Family news

I have a couple of potentially stressful weeks coming up with my parents. They are both in their eighties and in great shape generally, but have operations within two weeks of each other. Today my mum is having a hip replacement. She had the other one done last year and will soon be almost entirely manmade…I am meeting her there this morning to see her in. All being well, hope to get her back home on Tuesday.

The week after next my dad will have a potentially more serious op to repair an aneurism. This is at a different hospital further away, so will mean a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to visit and take my mum.

I need to make some meals for their freezer and will start with a big vat of lentil soup tomorrow and maybe some shepherd’s pies next week. Fortunately, I have three siblings so we will be sharing the duties.

Wish them luck and good wishes and, if I don’t manage a daily post, you will know why! Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Good luck to both your parents in their ops and wishing them a speedy recovery. Also to you and your family as taking care of yourselves at this busy stressful time is imperative. Love your recipes, have tried a few and they are a hit with my family. I use the Aldi serum which is cheap and cheerful and does the job. I agree with you about not spending a lot on skin care. Often you’re just paying for a name. Love reading your blog as always very interesting and informative.

  2. Best to you and your parents as they face surgeries and recuperation. I hope all goes smoothly. We don’t have Lidl here, but I do like my Aldi. Will have to look for the skin cream. Mine doesn’t carry much in the way of skin cream or other personal items. Very bare bones in that respect.

  3. Wishing both of your parents success with their operations, and full and speedy recoveries. They are lucky to have such a loving family around them.

    I’ve tried to like Aldi, but my family just don’t like their products, so consequently I just get fruit & veg, cheese & sliced meat, bread, dried noodles and biscuits from there. My weekly shop has never been over a tenner, apart from at Christmas when I got some frozen food & snacking nuts!

    We’ve been promised a Lidl for at least 3 years, but so far the site has been a pile of pile of rubble from the previous building for over a year, so I wonder if it’s been shelved. Particularly since an Asda superstore is going up in the same complex as Aldi!

  4. All the best to your parents for their ops and recuperation. I think people recover much more quickly from hip ops than 20+ years ago when my mother had one of hers replaced. She was in hospital for nearly 2 weeks and there were no complications, that was just the norm. She’s still around at nearly 93!

    I’d never have guessed you were in your 50s so whatever you are doing must be working!


  5. Sending positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for your parents. Aldi is making their presence known in the United States. I have one near and fortunately for me I don’t have to go out of my way to stop since its location is on my way home from work. I love their fresh produce, beans and dairies.

  6. The very best of luck to both your parents. My husband (now 81) had open heart surgery in 2009 and made a marvellous recovery and I hope both your parents will, too.
    We have been using three supermarkets of late: Waitrose (yes, expensive) for the main food shopping (sometimes Morrisons, but we can’t get everything we need there); Lidl’s for ground coffee, loo rolls, kitchen rolls and cleaning products and things like foil, baking parchment, polythene bags, garden waste bags and kitchen food waste caddy bags; and the dear old Co-op for their bread (we like their wholemeal Ancient Grains loaves – yes, homemade is better, but these are better than, say, Hovis Granary.)
    I have noticed a number of brand new, sparkling with the glass walls so unlike the shed-like buildings of old, Aldi stores opening in Devon – there is a new one on the way to Topsham which we meant to investigate a week or so ago, but by the time we’d been to Topsham and the Antiques Centre we had had enough for one day. Have only been in an Aldi store once, might try it again one of these days.
    You are right about cheap v. expensive creams. Some of the inexpensive ones ‘work’ just as well, but of course, one must take into consideration whether there is (a) testing on animals and (b) use of parabens and so forth, so I try and buy cosmetics and beauty products that don’t test on animals or use parabens.
    Margaret P

  7. good luck to your parents, and take care of yourself as well. I use an aldi face wash, and love it. I found though at our dollar store, like your Poundland I guess, a brand of body moisturizer that is animal testing free, scent free, and so good for my hands, arms, and legs, that they also have a smaller tube of day and night creams. Again, scent free, and cruel free, and they both work a charm.

  8. Best of luck to your mum and dad. The worry of ageing parents who are not in the best of health is one that several of my friends have to cope with and it is not easy. We have all the main supermarkets with a couple of miles except Waitrose which is about eight miles away. I try all the other shops but always return to Tesco as my main one. There are a few things I buy in Aldi though. I am really fussy about toiletry ingredients and only use paraben-free skin and bath care but I have heard that the Aldi Lacura range is good. I really think genes have a lot to do with having good skin, though a report in the newspaper said that lifestyle has the greatest effect.

  9. Best wishes to your parents…my Mom had her hip pinned at 90 and came through wonderfully…she also had a thoracic aneurysm repaired 10 years earlier…this is the sort of surgery I am in on at work with my x- ray career…

    We have no Lidl in the USA as far as I know, we do have Aldi but no convenient one for me to shop at …I’m lucky to have a locally owned grocery that’s been around for 100 years close by…they have good prices and great sales…especially on fresh produce and meat…on my way to work I can stop at the Mennonite farm stands for fresh produce and brown eggs…usually $1 a dozen…

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