Fame at last… spreading the frugal message

What a strange and exciting week we have had here at Shoestring Cottage, spreading the frugal message.

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a journalist who had read my Frugal Christmas article. She asked me to provide some nice family photos  to run alongside a story about how we keep our costs down at Christmas.

The pressure to create the perfect Christmas

I was happy to oblige. I hate how the pressure to create the perfect festive season causes families to get themselves into large amounts of debt each year. It should be a lovely time spent with family and friends first and foremost.

Spreading the frugal messageIf you can afford to spend lots of money, go for it. However, it seems many folk can’t. I just wanted to point out that it was possible to do it quite cheaply. In fact, it’s possible to spend much less than we do and still have fun!

In the tabloids

Much to my surprise the article was picked up by the Daily Mail, the Sun and also the Daily Mirror! We were all stunned.

I haven’t bothered reading any of the comments. I know exactly how some people will react to me spreading the frugal message about having Christmas on a shoestring.

Colleagues have told me I was called Mama Scrooge and apparently I am clearly responsible for Brexit. LOL, anyone who knows me is well aware I was on the other side of that particular argument! Very odd logic.

Being judged

The funniest thing of all was being invited onto Judge Rinder! The logic was that I would have the chance to publicise my message if one of my daughters sued me for buying their presents too cheaply. This concept caused much hilarity before I politely declined 😀.

Anyway our time as ‘celebrities’ was great fun and interesting. I really don’t know how people cope doing it every day though!!

I know from the comments yesterday that many of you spotted our moment in the limelight! Have any of you appeared in the media?

12 thoughts on “Fame at last… spreading the frugal message

  1. How amazing, Jane. Hopefully this will direct many more readers to your lovely blog. I brought up my youngest, living very thriftily, shall we say. Ironically, because our home life was nice, all of her friends thought that we were wealthy. (And, synchronicity, I am about to post about economy on my blog)

  2. Well done on your moments of fame.
    Judge Rinder Show? Good grief.
    I happened to mention people who might be persuaded into getting into debt for Christmas on my blog today and caused some quite odd comments!
    Sue in Suffolk at The Cottage at the End of a Lane

  3. Suing because too little was spent-on a gift! That is the most preposterous thing I’ve heard, and yet, some cretin would do this. I know I spend more than many people and am trying to challenge myself to reduce and put the money elsewhere, becauset really the gifts are the least of what I love about Christmas. Give me lights, sparkle, cozy fire, the handmade decorations saved from when my kids were children, (and a few from when hubs and I were children), time with friends-family. If that is Scrooge, then I guess I must be a Marley.

  4. What a nice picture of you both. I wonder if it was taken during an earlier Christmas or specially posed for the article.

    • Eloise, the girls wouldn’t let me use any old ones where we were slobbing out with no makeup so we took them last week . Still, they all look gorgeous I think

      • Do you get copies of the pictures? You might need to request them.

        Nearly 40 years ago (yikes!!!), as a star-struck teenager, I was in Fab 208’s Dream Come True feature and met the Osmonds ! 😀
        The magazine sent me all the photos they took backstage – 8×10 black & white glossies of me with several of them individually (including their parents!) and a pose with Donny & Marie! 😀
        Then I sat with their wives and children to watch the show and the reporter recorded it on a cassette player, which they also sent with the photos! Sadly it was only half the show because they were too embarrassed to turn the tape over when it reached the end ! 😀

  5. I’ve got to the stage where I just don’t really need anything for Christmas. I am lucky to buy a cookbook when I want it, blue and white china when I see a nice piece or anything else, really. The rest of my immediate family are the same. We have decided to do Kris Kringle this year between six of us. We drew names out of a hat and have to spend $100 on one person – bliss! There will be presents bought to put under the KMart And Target Christmas trees for children we don’t know and I’ve made up two lovely handbags full of goodies to donate to Share the Dignity’s #itsinthebag for women in shelters, fleeing domestic violence or living rough on the streets. This might just be the least stressed I’ve been about Christmas for many years and I like that feeling. Merry Christmas xxx

  6. I don’t see how spending an average of $87.00USD per person is considered a lot of money. The best comment I read from the newspaper articles was the one where the cat as up on the table. Somebody commented that maybe you couldn’t afford a turkey! Almost lost my coffee over that one. Nice blog. Keep on doing whatever you are doing.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

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