Love your Leftovers: spinach cheese frittata 

Love your Leftovers

This is the second in my occasional Love your Leftovers series.

You know how it is when you cook fresh spinach? You think you have enough in the pan to feed the five thousand then you cook it and it disappears to a small bowlful!

I tend to over compensate for this and cook even more than I think I need. I love spinach and I know there are plenty of ways to use it up. You’ve got to love your leftovers!

love your leftoversUsing up leftover food is also helping me to stick to my £35 a week grocery challenge for August. The spinach, as well as some leftover canned sweet corn, went into this cheesy spinach frittata for a quick and easy dinner. Obviously, you can vary the ingredients for this type of dish, depending on what you have available or what needs using.

These quantities serve 2.

4 medium eggs

A splash of milk

About a cupful of chopped, cooked spinach

A couple of rashers of bacon, chopped

2 tablespoons canned corn

About 2-3 ounces grated cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper


I tend to use my wok for this as it is a good size and is non stick. It needs to go under the grill but obviously not a plastic handled one!

Fry the bacon in a little oil until cooked, then spoon it out and set aside, leaving some oil in the pan to cook your frittata. Whisk the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together then add the bacon. Pour back into your pan and cook gently until it starts to set. You can push the egg mixture around a bit to speed this up. Don’t allow it to catch on the bottom of the pan. When it has mostly set sprinkle the corn, spinach and finally the cheese on top. Place under a medium grill for around five minutes to cook the top.

This frittata is quick, cheap and easy, and a good way to help you love your leftovers. Have you any good recipes for cooked spinach?

9 thoughts on “Love your Leftovers: spinach cheese frittata 

  1. Husband loves spinach, I don’t. It’s just one of the veg I don’t like, so I can’t suggest any recipes, only steam it and then chuck it in the bin or the compost heap, ha ha! (Only joking, it must be nice when so many people eat it and it did Popeye the world of good, didn’t it?)
    Margaret P

  2. Haha, incredible shrinking spinach. It’s amazing -you wonder where it all went! I do like spinach in recipes but not keen as a veg on its own. Frittatas are brilliant as you can put almost anything in them. I have even added leftover salad….leaves, cucumber, tomato etc. With some potato it tastes fine. My favourite spinach recipe is Spanakopita which is Greek. Basically spinach, onion and feta in filo pastry.

  3. Do you grow your own spinach? I find it bolts in hot weather so I substitute beetroot leaves for when I want a leafy veg to wilt into something like a frittata or a pasta dish and I can harvest two crops for the space of one. It is not to late to sow beetroot or perpetual spinach, I’ve direct sown both this week and the latter will stand throughout the winter and keep producing fresh chard-like leaves until next spring.

  4. I love spinach tomato bruschetta…goes great with a salad…I serve mine hot…lots of recipe on Pinterest…I mostly make mine up as I go…plum tomatoes, spinach, garlic, cheese and a dash of olive

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