Keeping fit and getting motivated

keeping fitHaving said it was feeling cooler and autumnal a few days ago, we are now back in heat wave mode! The weather is most bizarre!

My Italian student is loving it. This afternoon they are off to Cambridge and have a beautiful day for a visit to that fine city – she won’t need to take her umbrella!

Not enough exercise

I am suffering with back ache at the moment. I know the cause – not enough exercise. This is the problem with a sedentary office job. It is so important to move and stretch often. As a yoga teacher I know this, so I get annoyed with myself when I don’t practice what I preach. I will do a session tonight.

It is easy to make the excuse of not having time but it is a bit feeble. I had time to watch Bake Off last night! It is important to invest in my health. My manager runs marathons every few months and is constantly training. If she can find time to stay fit so can I. It is all about motivation and priorities! My fitness is really important to me. When I exercise I feel better mentally as well as physically.

Do you keep fit? How do you stay motivated?

6 thoughts on “Keeping fit and getting motivated

  1. I go to a ladies gym which is aimed at the over 40s. We have a nice coffee area and a high ratio of trainers to members. I enjoy it (though to be honest it is the coffee afterwards with my friends that is the real attraction!) . Unfortunately it is all too easy to let other stuff (I work part time, help out with my grandchildren, enjoy writing and cooking) .

  2. Sent that post before I had finished! Was meant to say……all too easy to let other stuff get in the way. I go through phases of being really focussed, then I somehow lose it and don’t go for a whole week.

  3. The scales keep me motivated! Since March I’ve lost over 2 stone, done lots of walking and a bit of jogging. Also reduced my diabetes medication to half dose as blood results were good. However I’ve let myself down a bit – a bag of crisps here, a chocolate bar there – and today’s scales in Boots showed a 4lb gain. Back on it now ’til Christmas. BMI is 28 and maximum needs to be 25 so a couple more stone lost should do it. Wish me luck.

  4. I’m about to start running again and could do with losing 5k. Am new,y retired so have no excuses really, having been very busy in my life until now juggling work, caring and all the usual stuff of life.

    You’re the second of the blog writers I always read and enjoy who has said something similar, so I was wondering about maybe getting together a little online mutual support group to keep each other going. Might you be interested?

    I haven’t told anyone yet, but I am secretly considering training to do a half marathon in March to raise money for a local charity where I volunteer, and this would be a great way to keep me on track and motivated.

  5. I have entered a challenge this year to walk 3 miles a day (1000 miles in a year).
    I find I’m better if I have an external challenge otherwise I can always find something to do; anything rather than walk!
    Having managed to meet the challenge so far I’m feeling so much better both physically and mentally.
    Get a book and keep a record. It doesn’t have to be a set number of miles. You could challenge yourself to half an hour a night. If you miss one night make it some other time in the week. Good luck! Sue

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