Happy Easter and welcome to the new Shoestring Cottage site!

Shoestring CottageI have moved Shoestring Cottage  over to what I am told is a more flexible version of WordPress. At the moment it is a work in progress so the appearance might change every now and again as I experiment. Truth be told, I am not a techie and it is all Greek to me! Save my new site to your favourites 😀.

Shoestring Cottage

Boot sale bargains

Boot sale bargains

I dragged Mr S up early and out to the boot sale this morning. It was freezing, but the sun eventually came out and it was nice when we managed to get out of the wind. The first boot sale was disappointing with very few traders. I found a couple of items but we decided to move on fairly quickly. The second sale was much better – still fairly small scale but it is the start of the season.

Shoestring Cottage

More bargains!

I found a nice pair of yoga pants, a warm hooded jumper, some brand new wooly tights and a very pretty lacey cornflower blue jumper from next. I also picked up some lovely dresses to sell on eBay.
Shoestring Cottage

Bargains for the Shoestring Cottage garden

Boot sales are great for plants too. I bought some primroses – you can’t go wrong at 50p a pot. I would have got some fruit and veg too as it was excellent value but we already have plenty. No point in buying bargains if they go to waste.

We arrived home just as the rain came down, thank goodness. We did have some fine weather on Good Friday and we managed to do some work on the garden, hitting the weeds before they got established! I will plant a few more seeds next weekend.

We are off to my mum and dad’s to have Sunday lunch cooked for us now. It’s so lovely to have a four day weekend. I could do with that every week – how productive I would be!

Have a lovely Easter Sunday whatever you are doing and whatever the weather.

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter and welcome to the new Shoestring Cottage site!

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time and will continue to read on your new site – if only I knew how to add it to my favourites! Yes, there is someone much less techy than you claim to be! Is the patchwork on your header one of your own projects? Wonderfully colourful and uplifting on a drab day.
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

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