Six reasons everyone on a budget should learn to cook

everyone on a budget should learn to cook

My daughter, who is at university and on an extremely tight budget, is a very good cook. She also has a good understanding of nutrition. I am happy to take credit for this, as I always encouraged her and her sisters to cook and bake from an early age. Hopefully this means that she won’t come back looking too pale and under nourished! I think everyone living on a budget should learn to cook and here is why.

Six reasons everyone on a budget should learn to cook

Cooking from scratch is cheaper

everyone on a budget should learn to cook

The most obvious reason to learn to cook is that it’s cheaper than buying ready made. I’m not saying you have to cook everything from scratch. Who has the time? However, you can whip up a pasta sauce for the price of a can of tomatoes, a few dried herbs and an onion.

You can get creative with  basic ingredients

Once you have learned a few basic skills, you can have a look at what you have – or what you can afford – and make tasty dishes from whatever is in the cupboard. Curries, the aforementioned pasta sauces, casseroles, soups, omelettes and risottos can be made as cheaply as fish fingers and beans and are much more interesting.

You can make dishes that are more nutritious

Vegetables and pulses are cheap, but also really nutritious. You don’t need expensive ingredients to eat delicious budget food, such as chick pea curry or lentil vegetable stew. If you like the taste of meat but can’t afford it, dishes like cheesy pasta with leeks, peas and bacon or smoky chicken with chick peas can help stretch the rations. Generally speaking, most dishes that you make yourself won’t contain too much sugar, salt and additives and will therefore be healthier.

You can batch cook to save time and money

everyone on a budget should learn to cook

If you can cook basic dishes such as a tomato sauce, you can make a ton of it and freeze some. Then you can use it mixed with mince or vegetables as a pasta sauce, for lasagne or in a chilli. You can buy lots of vegetables cheaply in season or at the end of the day at the market and batch cook soup. We grow some of our own vegetables, which makes batch cooked soup making even cheaper.

You can entertain at home rather than eating out

everyone on a budget should learn to cook

If a restaurant meal is likely to stretch your budget too far, you can entertain friends by cooking at home much more cheaply. You are then likely to get return invitations and free dinners in exchange! You can also organise a pot luck supper and confidently take a dish good enough to share.

You can make treats on a budget

If you learn to bake, you can make treats such as farmhouse fruit cake or flapjacks. You can whip up a batch of chocolate brownies or a nice fruit fool. Treats should feature in a budget menu, after all!

For more of my favourite frugal recipes, have a look here.

3 thoughts on “Six reasons everyone on a budget should learn to cook

  1. I must have been one of life’s very fortunate people as never needed to learn to cook, it just came naturally, a skill I seem to have been born with! Good job as had to bring up a family on a very small budget but they were all well fed and grew up healthy. I’m now a Senior citizen with a much better income but still live my frugal ways and still cook healthy meals from scratch

  2. I was watching a news report last night where even the top-performing schools are now chiming in with complaints about budget cuts. One has to use PE facilities a 30 minute walk away (what a waste of precious class time!) and has now got rid of cooking lessons altogether. 🙁

    I was pleasantly surprised with the cooking classes my 2 youngest had in their UK secondary school as compared to what the older three had in their US one! The US high school taught them how to make cookies and cinnamon buns (from chilled dough!), while the UK school taught them how to bake cakes, but more importantly, cooking chicken and sausages for dinner too!
    Either way, it was just for a few weeks each year, which it was in my day too as cooking was rotated with needlework and Design & Tech.

    Although they don’t actually do so, they all say that anyone can cook if they can read a recipe, which I suppose is true enough, but I feel it’s the food handling and safety that needs to be taught as much as anything.

    • I think if parents don’t cook, kids see it as a scary and difficult thing. Doing it makes them realise that it’s not that hard. As you say, if they can read a recipe they can cook! Schools should get back to basics and teach it as a life skill, along with budgeting and basic personal finance

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