Simple Suggestions To Start Making Your Garden Shine

This is a collaborative post.

Keeping your garden in good shape is a tough job. Much like the rest of your house, neglecting it will cause it to fall into disrepair. You might think that nature can look after itself, but your garden isn’t just a piece of wilderness behind your house; it’s a part of your home. If you want to enjoy this outdoor space once again then here are some simple suggestions to start making your garden shine.

Grow your own plants and vegetables

Many gardeners will buy plants in stores every season, but frugal gardeners know to keep cuttings from plants so that they can replant them and take the self-sustainable approach to looking after their gardens. Growing plants from cuttings for free is a very smart and simple way to make your garden shine throughout the year. As for vegetables, why waste money on store-bought carrots and potatoes every week? You could grow your own in your back garden. This would save you a lot of money, and it’d add some colour and character to the outdoor space (in much the same way as growing your own plants). Plus, you won’t have to damage the environment with all the plastic packaging that’s used to wrap supermarket vegetables. You could even grow your own fruit. It depends on how adventurous you feel.

Include some creature comforts

If you really want to start making your garden shine, then you should include some creature comforts to bring the space to life. The best modern gardens balance both natural and manufactured design. For instance, you could attach wooden lattice panels to the exterior walls of your house and let vines or other plants grow up them. This would be the perfect way to blend the natural and homely aspects of your garden. Maybe you could create a relaxing patio area too. You could hang up a cosy hammock so that you have somewhere to chill on those long summer days.

You could also consider getting some bollard lights so that you can enjoy your garden at night. It’ll also add something to the aesthetic of your paths. After all, why put in all this work to spruce up your garden if you can only enjoy it during the day? You might want to invite friends and family over for a BBQ or an evening gathering from time to time. If you have a well-lit garden area then these gatherings will be much more enjoyable. Your garden will feel more like a cosy outdoor room. You’ll be able to admire the beauty of this space at every hour of the day. You should get some solar lights too if you want to take a cost-effective and sustainable approach to designing your garden.

Remember, looking after your garden is a continuous task. You can’t expect it to look after itself. Lawns quickly become overgrown, and flowers wilt without attention. Additionally, the man-made elements of your garden will become weathered and worn if you don’t look after them. Make sure your patio has an awning to shelter your decking, table, and anything else you leave outside throughout the year.