This week’s frugal meal plan 12th January 2019

Frugal meal plan

Again this week I want to spend as little as possible on groceries to go along with my no spend January. So it is another frugal meal plan!

We mostly stuck to last week’s meal plan, although ended up eating spaghetti Bolognese two nights in a row as I made quite a lot. There are two portions in the freezer too, as well as some of the spicy parsnip soup that I made. The cheese mountain is still in the fridge, so I will be incorporating cheese into our meals as well.

Frugal meal plan, 12th January


Kipper kedgeree with hard boiled eggs. I often make this. It is super cheap as kippers cost so little compared to smoked haddock, for example. Still lots of healthy fish oils, too. Grated carrot salad and avocado on the side.


Nut cutlet or pork chop with roast potatoes, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings and home made gravy.

Apple crumble with windfalls given by a neighbour with natural Greek yogurt or custard. I was recently delighted to find that, despite being lactose intolerant, I can cope with proper stained Greek yogurt, which I love. Apparently, when it is strained it loses a lot of the lactose.


Macaroni multi-cheese (i.e. mac cheese made with various hard cheeses from the fridge) with more carrot salad and avocado.


Chick pea curry with rice and poppadoms. Might do a chicken curry to go alongside this for the carnivores.


We are having a little party to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday! The plan is to make afternoon tea, with sandwiches, sausage rolls, a giant pig in blanket that I bought at Christmas but never used and an assortment of crisps. This will be followed by birthday cake (which I will make) and some shop bought cream cakes. We also have lots of Prosecco left from Christmas. I can’t drink it because of my painkillers, but I expect the others will have a glass or two.

I don’t think we will want a big dinner after that little lot, so will just do some baked potatoes with cheese and salad for tea.


Salmon fillet with home made air fryer sweet potato chips and peas/broccoli.


Fish in breadcrumbs from the freezer, with home made air fryer chips and frozen peas.

So this is my frugal meal plan. What are you eating this week?

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at her blog.

6 thoughts on “This week’s frugal meal plan 12th January 2019

  1. Father Christmas brought me an eco laundry egg which I haven’t used yet as I’m still using up the last of the washing powder, but am looking forward to trying that.

    This week I made a vegan bolognaise using the BOSH boys recipe (you tube) and it made a huge batch so like you, we had it for 2 nights and froze the rest! Delicious, I recommend it.

    I did my own take on ‘Buddha bowls’ this week (BOSH again) which received mixed reviews as it was radically different for us apparently! It had brown rice, spicy sweet potato wedges which I roasted, cherry toms and mixed leaf salad, cashew nuts, houmous and steamed broccoli florets with some tinned black beans mixed with red chilli lime juice and chopped fresh coriander. All very healthy… I’ll use the other tin of black beans to make burritos (using wraps) which will help finish up the remaining ingredients.

    Hope that inspires and that your daughters birthday party goes well!

  2. Saturday and Sunday I will use up the last of the salad greens in the fridge along with salmon fish cakes – HM and already in the freezer.

    Monday I’m eating lunch out – it’s a thank you for being an audience member at a free concert so it will just be yogurt and fruit for a light supper.

    Tuesday will be some meatloaf from the freezer along with various veggies.

    Wednesday friends are coming to lunch so I intend making a large layered salad – cous cous, roasted vegetables, topped with greens and served with chicken.

    Thursday I’m hoping for leftovers from Wednesday.

    Friday it might be pancakes with fruit.

    Still trying to eat my way through the freezer and pantry while also trying balance out my proteins.

  3. Your frugal meal plan is actually really tasty and nice. At my most frugal – and it was 100% enforced by a small income, was porridge for breakfast, extremely basic red lentil dhal for lunch and dinner, with any vegetables that I could afford, milk powder on sale instead of bottled milk, and loose leaf tea. And bread that was so cheap that it may have been wrong to eat it.

  4. Mon: Vegetable & Chickpea Tagine (in the slow cooker) with brown rice

    Tues: Spicy Root Veg & Lentil Stew with crusty bread

    Wed: Breaded fish & oven chips with peas (a “Brown Crispy Stuff” day for speed and to keep the kids happy!)

    Thurs: Gnocchi & Tomato Bake with Garlic Bread

    Fri: Masala Fish with couscous & steamed broccoli

    Sat: Leek & White Bean Stew with crusty bread

    Sun: Veggie Toad in the Hole.

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