This week’s shoestring meal plan 29th September

shoestring meal plan

Something has triggered my ongoing neck and shoulder issue and it is killing me! I am rubbing on the ibuprofen gel and stuffing painkillers at regular intervals. This week’s shoestring meal plan needs to be straightforward in case it continues. Otherwise it will be egg on toast made by Mr Shoestring or the chippy. This is where I really wish he could cook!

It’s a good job he does lots of other stuff. He never stops. The garden is looking incredibly tidy at the moment and he has been cutting back great swathes of greenery at his mum’s too. He will have biceps like Desperate Dan at this rate!

This week’s shoestring meal plan


Chicken or mushroom chasseur with rice. I tend to use Jack Monroe’s recipes for both from A Girl Called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes. The plan was to give you a link to these on the Cooking on a Bootstrap website, but alas – they don’t appear to be there. This book is so worth buying if you don’t have it already. Darling Daughter no 3 is home this weekend so she will lend a hand.

I am intrigued by this peanut butter and jam crumble from Jack. We have lots of apples so if I have time this weekend I shall adapt it slightly to use these. Sounds delicious! We all love pretty much anything with custard. I will make this the old fashioned way with custard powder so that 1) it’s lactose free and 2) I don’t have any packaging to throw away.


Mr S will have a pork fillet and I will use the last slice of the cashew and mushroom roast from last weekend – both from the freezer. I will serve this with roast potatoes and vegetables.


Sweet potato, chick pea and spinach curry from Jamie Oliver. I have the day off work so will have time to make this, although it looks pretty straightforward. We have leftover chapatis in the freezer, which were lovely, so we can use those up with this.


Cheese and onion burgers with air fried chips and peas. If there are sweet potatoes left from the curry I will use those for the chips rather than ordinary spuds.


Sardine spaghetti. Cheap, healthy and easy.  I tend to use the sardines in tomato sauce for this, rather than in olive oil, as this recipe suggests. If there are salad leaves left we will use these as an accompaniment. If not, I will just make a quick salad of tinned sweetcorn and grated carrot.


Pho. We still love this Vietnamese noodle soup dish and it is very quick to make. We replaced the bean sprouts with pak choi last time we made it and it was nicer, so shall do this again. Darling daughter no 1 will be over for dinner and this is her speciality so I will leave her to it.


End of week omelette, chips and salad. I can never be bothered to mess around on a Friday night!

So, this is my shoestring meal plan for the week. Here’s hoping the neck pain abates and I can get on with things. It is hard to sleep and then even harder to concentrate at the moment. Still, no point moaning. Onward and upwards.

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at her blog. For more of my frugal recipe ideas, see here.

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9 thoughts on “This week’s shoestring meal plan 29th September

  1. I love sardine pasta. I think it’s on my menu plan sometime this month! I’m liking the sound of pho too. I’ll have to investigate!

  2. Great ideas to save on pennies! I think Fridays are often the ‘whatever’ days where you go for speed and comfort, so chips and salad usually feature for my end of the week meals too!

  3. I cooked a small pork roast yesterday (bought at 50% off) so I will have that for Sunday dinner with mashed potatoes & lots of veggies.
    Monday and Tuesday will be salad with half a chicken breast each day (already cooked).
    Wednesday will probably be an egg with sausage – I’ve got a computer class that afternoon so just want something simple once I get home.
    Thursday and Friday will probably be salmon with salad and any other veggies that are still hanging around.
    Saturday I’m heading to a friend’s for dinner so that will be a nice end to what is shaping up to be a busy week!
    I need to spend some time with my cookbooks and try out some new recipes – especially some vegetarian ones – I do intend to try your cashew and mushroom loaf.

  4. Pho is something that I absolutely love! I’ve never made it myself, I bet it’s quite easy really!

    Thanks for linking up – sounds like another delicious week from you!

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