Making money and saving it too #fivefrugalthings

Making money

As I said in my Monthly Money Wins post the other day, I pretty much sailed through my no spend January.  Despite being at home the whole month, I didn’t resort to surfing the internet buying stuff I didn’t need! Instead of spending it, I have been thinking about making money – and saving it too.

Finally got a water meter

I have been meaning to get a water meter fitted for ages! When we first moved here all three daughters were at home, which meant lots of hot water for baths and showers, at least one load of laundry each day,  more running of the dishwasher, etc. We decided it would be cheaper at that point NOT to have a meter. Now, with only one daughter living here just some of the time (she is at university) and a lodger who spends most of her time at her boyfriend’s, we use much less water.

Making money

I am trying to make the best of being signed off from work by catching up on all of these little jobs I never get round to. Today a nice gent came to check all was well and decide where to put a meter. The engineers will be out next week. He left us with this little water saving pack for the garden.  It contains lavender seeds, a water saving hose nozzle, some swell gel, a water retaining mat and water stick for our pot plants and lots of useful information. As we live in one of the driest parts of the UK, the guide to drought tolerant plants leaflet contains great tips for good plants for our garden.

Making money with eBay reselling

I have decided to get serious about my eBay reselling this year, and make it a proper business. Now is a good time to hit the charity shops as many of them have been inundated with donations before and after Christmas. There are lots of fantastic reductions to be found. Selling on eBay is a good way of making money.

Making money

I focus mainly on clothes as I know what will sell already and have spent about £90 on stock in the past week. However, I have started looking at the many You Tube videos on reselling to learn more about other items to look out for. That is for the future. For now, I am washing, ironing, photographing and listing my clothing purchases. I managed to find two Karen Millen silk dresses, one for £2.99 and the other for just £1. When I looked at what these are selling for I was amazed. At least £30-40, which would be a fantastic profit.

A good start to my efforts toward making money.

Festival time

Making money

At this time of the year, I need something to look forward to. We fancy a festival, but prefer a smaller, more chilled out affair with a few interesting acts, rather than a frantic and very expensive V Festival type experience with huge headliners.

For a few years I have wanted to go to the Green Gathering, so I contacted the organisers to see if they would give us free tickets for a review. They were happy to do this, so watch out for a post on this fantastic looking festival! It looks eccentric and fun!

Part time veganism continues

Regular readers will know that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat vegan two days a week. This has been surprisingly easy, as I already eat a lot of vegan dinners. I bought oat milk for my porridge, a nice Tartex mushroom from the health food shop plus hummus for sandwich fillings. Other than those things, I didn’t need to buy anything.

Making money

Being a part time vegan is making us try some different recipes. Eating less meat, fish and dairy is cheaper and healthier I think. I made a yummy aubergine and chick pea tagine and will post the recipe next week. We will be eating that again as it was really tasty.

Free haircut

I was going to book myself in for a cheap haircut at the local hairdressing college. They charge just £7.50 for a cut and blow dry. Then I remembered that a salon in town was advertising a student night and asking for models. I rang them and they charge nothing at all! The down side is that they are super booked up so I will have to wait a couple of weeks. I don’t mind this for a free hair cut.

So, that is the summary of my week of making money and saving it as well. What are your frugal achievements this week? Have you managed to save a few pennies and are you making money with any side hustles?

This week I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in their Five Frugal Things linky.



8 thoughts on “Making money and saving it too #fivefrugalthings

  1. We sold eggs this week. Our chickens are laying well and we sold 12 dozen, which more than covered the cost of feed. I reminded my husband he had promised to cut my hair after he got back from running to the grocery store and checking on the rental property. So Saturday afternoon, I took a seat, got caped and hubby gave me a trim, probably about an inch off at most. My ends are now even and neat. A frugal win, getting a free haircut with great results as always. I have him cut my hair every other month, he gives my boys their haircuts once a month. We watched the superbowl on television with our clear signal coming from our roof mounted antenna. No cable tv bill and we ate dinner at home, but I did let my boys get soda and their choice of a snack to eat during the game, nothing too expensive.

      • He is actually very good with the shears and clippers as well. Hubby gives my boys their monthly haircuts and they are very happy with his work. He has been giving them haircuts for about five years now, I got tired of paying for bad haircuts at the barbershop, so I bought clippers. It was supposed to be my job, but I got flustered, he took over and neither of my boys will let me cut their hair. He has been cutting mine since we first started dating, first haircut was the best I could ever remember getting, so he kept the job of cutting my hair and I have not been to the salon since. He does it about every other month and I have had him give haircuts to my mom and a couple of my girl friends as well to fix bad haircuts they got at the salon. My best friend stops by to visit and asks if hubby is going to be home and if he would have time to cut her hair. She invited us to a barbecue at her home last July and reminded me to have hubby bring his shears. I chuckled. He tells me it is easier to cut my long hair and the hair of my friends than it is to do the boys’ haircuts. It takes him about 10 minutes to do each of the boys, mine about 20 minutes or so as he has to comb, section, pin up, then let my elbow length hair down in increments to trim it. I enjoy having him do it, and he likes to cut my hair for me, it is great bonding time together and it saves me hundreds a year without worrying about getting a bad haircut. I call it a definite frugal win. Not everyone is handy with the shears though, so I understand why you would never trust Mr. S to cut yours. My best friend said her husband would be lucky if he could figure out how to put her hair in a ponytail, let alone braid it like my guy does and she would never trust him with shears.

  2. I used to add plant milk to my porridge (mostly coconut), then we switched to oat milk and I realised that if I just use water instead it kinda makes its own oat milk as it cooks I’m not sure if it tastes any different, but we use Oatly now as we found it curdles less in tea for us; and as it’s quite expense I’m happy to just use water I tend to throw loads of fruit and stuff on top anyway (usually also a couple of chopped up squares of Lidl’s cheap dark chocolate as it has no dairy and makes it much more indulgent ).

    I found some Johnny Depp mad hatter t shirts in Claire’s a few years ago reduced to £2. I bought 5 of them, gave one to my daughter and then sold the other 4 on eBay for £10 each I was very happy with that little find I should really get back to selling on eBay, even £10 profit a month is £120 at the end of a year.

    Thank you for the inspiration we eat vegan a lot too and always on the look out for recipes I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and don’t think I’ve commented yet, but want to say thank you for all the effort you put into it and I hope your trapped nerve untraps itself very soon x

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