Five frugal things in the run up to Christmas

frugal things

I have been rushing around doing some last minute Christmas shopping. This year my efforts have been severely hampered by a lot of pain caused by a trapped nerve in my neck (I have mentioned it a lot I know, but it’s hard to forget!). I am normally done and wrapped up at this point. I felt a bit better and took an afternoon off to go bargain hunting, so here are this week’s five frugal things including some of the offers I found.

A bargain shoulder support

A friend at work lent me a neoprene shoulder strap and it has been a Godsend. I have no idea why, but it has really eased the pain and enabled me to actually get on, concentrate and do some work. So the first of my five frugal things is this. These supports can be quite expensive – up to £30 – but I managed to find one quite similar on eBay for just £8. It seems to work just the same. Perhaps it won’t last as long, but I am hoping this problem isn’t going to be long term. Four months is quite long enough!

40% off at the Body Shop

I had to buy a present for someone’s birthday at work as I was in charge of the collection. She loves smellies and nice body butters, so I popped into the Body Shop to look at their gifts. They currently have 40% off individual items and 25% off gift sets. To get the best value I chose individual items and the lovely lady at the till put them in a gift box for me. I got £32 worth of stuff for just over £18! This leaves some money in the collection for some nice flowers.

I took full advantage of the offer and bought some stocking fillers for my daughters and another present for a friend. Bargains!

Free parking

As I was driving into the car park, a very nice woman gave me her parking ticket. She had paid for the whole day but was leaving early, so I parked for free. I know! Naughty, but handy as every saving helps at this time of the year.

Half price aftershave

My dad wanted some aftershave, but didn’t give me any idea what brand he fancied.  I popped into Boots and found this very nice smelling Lacoste one at half price. I don’t mind spending £33 on a posh aftershave, but I wouldn’t have spent over £67!

They had the usual buy two get one free offer on gifts in Boots. I didn’t need any, but I think they are worthwhile if you have a lot of presents to buy.

Bringing out the old tree

frugal things

I know that real Christmas trees are more eco-friendly than artificial ones. However, we have had our old one for years – maybe 12 now – so we may as well keep using it now. Mr S brought it down from the attic and we pulled out decorations that we have collected over the years to decorate it. This is one of my frugal things this week – I think we have got value for money for our tree. I can’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t much!

There are so many things to spend our money on at Christmas. We have planned for this throughout the year, so we have no stress! Well, we do, but not financial :).

How is your Christmas shopping going? Did you manage your five frugal things?

If you want some ideas for presents that save money or eco-friendly gifts, have a look at my gift guides here and here.

As ever, I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in their Five Frugal Things linky.As ever, I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in their Five Frugal Things linky.

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5 thoughts on “Five frugal things in the run up to Christmas

  1. You need to be v careful on using someone else’s ticket in a car park, especially if it’s a day ticket. Our local council using a parking service to monitor the car parks and wardens walk round on a regular basis. They have hand held scanners which capture the tickets in the windscreen and then they scan the reg number for that vehicle. They don’t usually bother for short stayers but do for the day parkers. Then if they do another scan later and it’s the same ticket but with a different reg, they get an alert on the hand held thingy. Small print on the back of the ticket quite clearly states that the ticket cannot be transferred to another car. And if you’re wondering why I know, eldest god daughter got caught out last month. Received a penalty ticket through post this week, £75 fine! She queried it and found out how it works with the scanners/wardens.

      • They’re not council parking attendants by us, they’re hired by the car park management companies. Apparently the management companies tender to the councils to run the car parks and then get a fee for that plus they can run their own fees process. ‘Successful’ tickets for overstaying, swapping tickets etc earn them the real money and they only have to pay the council a small percentage of that. Biggest earner in our area is the local hospital car park. That came out in the local paper when a family who had their elderly mother in hospital were ‘caught’ swapping a ticket. Disgraceful.

  2. I must admit that I’m really struggling this month with trying to save money! Christmas is just so ridiculously expensive, and I always get way too carried away with buying presents, but I do always try to seek out a good bargain, and I always find that Boots’ 3 for 2 offers can be lifesavers when buying presents!
    We’ve also put up our old Christmas tree up at home, and although I do prefer the look and smell of a lovely fir tree, it’s a lot less hassle and money to put up the old faithful fake tree this year!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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