Christmas gifts that save money

gifts that save money

I like to buy my friends and family presents that I think they will find really useful and that will last. Gone are the days when I was happy to buy lots of cheap, throwaway items. Now, with a view to sustainability and frugality, I am thinking why not also purchase Christmas gifts that save money for the recipient?

Here are some of my ideas for great gifts that save money.

Christmas gifts that save money

A slow cooker

Resist the lure of the takeaway after a hard day at work with a slow cooker. They cost hardly anything to run, and with a bit of organisation in the morning you can come home to a delicious, hearty casserole. We use ours loads in the winter. Slow cooking can also make a tough, cheap joint of meat taste lovely and tender. The 3.5 litre VonShef model from costs £19.99.

 A popcorn maker

gifts that save moneyAs I mentioned in my post Eighteen of the best green Christmas gift ideas,  my daughter is addicted to popcorn. She goes through packets of the microwaveable stuff. As a poor student, she could save money and a ton of packaging with this glass popcorn maker from Amazon.

Cotton face cloth

gifts that save moneyFor the eco-conscious beauty queen in your life, how about buying them a couple of organic cotton face cloths like this one from Beauty Bay? The recipient can ditch the cotton wool pads or face wipes and use this washable version to remove their makeup instead.

I own several nice, soft face cloths so no longer purchase disposables to clean my face. You could team it up with an organic cleanser like the Skin n Tonic Steam Clean cleansing balm.

Save money on coffee

gifts that save money

For the person who always turns up at the office with a take out coffee, a cafetiere along with some decent filter coffee will potentially save them hundreds of pounds each year. You can buy this attractive glass and copper one at for £9.99.

Reusable water bottle

Everyone should have a reusable water bottle. They save money and are great if you want to reduce your environmental footprint as well. Evolution Organics do a nice unbreakable Santevia stainless steel water bottle for £19.99.

For those who spend a fortune on disposable plastic bottles, this is one of the best Christmas gifts that save money.

A sense of history

A subscription to an organisation such as English Heritage makes a lovely present for those who like to get out and about. A membership will give free entry to over 400 historic places throughout the UK. It saves a lot of money on individual entrance fees.

Cinema ticket

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema? However, tickets to see the latest blockbuster can be expensive. You can treat someone to a Cineworld gift voucher. If you buy through Top Cash back using my referral code you will also earn yourself a £5 Amazon voucher.

Battery charger

If you know of a household with a lot of gadgets, how about a Duracell 45 Minute Charger with some rechargeable batteries? These are a win-win for the recipient’s wallet and the environment.

Wine saver

I love a glass of fizz or wine but won’t drink the whole bottle! A wine saver like this one from Domu will keep the contents of the bottle fresh and fizzy and prevent expensive waste.

Wind up torch

gifts that save moneyAnother way to avoid costly battery replacements is to buy items that are rechargeable. A solar powered wind up torch  such as this one is eco-friendly as well as money saving.

A financial education

<a target="_blank" href=""><img border="0" src="//" ></a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />Yes! You can buy a financial education – in the form of a book. A couple of my absolute favourites to help learn about saving money are the Tightwad gazette and How I lived a year on just a pound a day by Kath Kelly. Check out my frugal books page for other ideas.

A dehydrator

gifts that save moneyGrowing your own food is an amazing money saving hobby. An unusual gift for the avid veg grower or allotment holder is a food dehydrator. This presents another way to preserve your harvest when you have a glut and prevents food going to waste.

Reusable steel razor

Christmas gifts that save moneyOn my Christmas wish list – for both its money saving potential and to cut back on plastic waste – is a stainless steel safety razor. I am fed up of spending so much on plastic razors that last just a few shaves. This one should last forever if I look after it.

What other ideas do you have for Christmas gifts that save money?

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