Five Frugal Things I have achieved this week, 30th June 2017

Thanks for all the comments on my last post about frugal holidays. I loved the idea of a monastic retreat, as suggested by Kirrie, and Julia’s information about university accommodation. I can see myself trying both of these.

Five frugal things

I guess it’s time for the weekly frugal round up – five frugal things. So what have my frugal achievements been?

No. 1: Getting creative with courgettes

Courgette season is well and truly upon us here at Shoestring Cottage. The veggie patch is looking very productive and healthy, even though we did scale it back this year.  So far we have eaten them fried in butter with garlic, as a ratatouille with tomatoes and peppers and spiced with some cumin. Tonight we had courgette surprise, the surprise being we had broad beans instead .

No. 2: Preserving our fruit

Another crop that is doing well is the currants: red and black. I am picking and freezing them for now and have 2lb so far. When I get to 6lb I will make a batch of currant jelly. I love this!

No 3: Eating from the larder

We ate from the larder all last week as part of my no spend week. As we still had stocks of food,  this continued over the weekend until Monday, when I finally went shopping. However, I still want to clear some foods that have been hanging around a bit. Darling daughter works at the Co-op, and frequently brings little yellow stickered treats home. She sticks them in the freezer and seems to forget about them! I have been working my way through lots of sandwich thins for lunch and little brioche buns for breakfast.

No. 4: Home made stock and soup

I made chicken stock using 3 carcasses from the freezer, then turned this into a hearty chicken and veg soup. This was prompted by my lodger, who roasted a chicken and was about to throw so much of it away because she couldn’t be bothered to pull all the little scraps of meat off. I could! It also gave me a reason to use up all the veg in the bottom of the fridge.

5.  Frugal exercise

I have been getting up half an hour earlier to make sure I have time for my morning yoga before work. This makes such a huge difference to how I feel and allows time for all the other things I have to do after work, like the garden! It costs me nothing to unroll my mat and do a few salute to the suns! Who needs an expensive gym membership?

Have you managed five frugal things this week? Maybe you have achieved even more! Please share.

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9 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things I have achieved this week, 30th June 2017

  1. Make courgette pizzas – cut a large one ( or more depends how many you are feeding and appetites. Scoop out the seeds and add them into a stuffing, mince or rice (meat or veggie), garlic, chopped pepper, onion, mushroom, whatever you have or like; cook the stuffing mix as you would for a bolognese or rice dish, with some passata or chopped tomatoes; fill the scooped out shells, scatter grated cheese, whatever one you have or like and bake in the oven for around 25 minutes. Am typing this from work so don’t have actual recipe with me but hope you get the idea. I got it from my Slimming World group so easily makes a free meal with cheese as your HEA or syns.

  2. I love the courgette surprise! And yes, I need to improve (I mean create) my home exercise routine by getting up earlier. Good idea 🙂

  3. You would love Pluscarden Abbey.
    Women have a lovely log cabin just outside the grounds, yeah ok , men can stay with the monks!.
    Is so beautiful view of mountains, log fore sitting room full of thousands of tv,radio or Internet.
    Oldest monk is the only one allowed to speak to guests.
    He arrived one morning at 7am with our breakfast, fresh home made bread eggs n honey. I was in the sitting room drinking coffee and being wowed with view.
    Asked if I would be allowed to collect eggs honey, yes was reply welcome!. Just do not speak to the brothers.
    Well was the most amazing next morning 6am helping to knead bread, all silent sign language, collected hundreds of eggs, cleaned coops!. And even got to cut a little bit of honey from the comb which I bought to take home.
    The monks then had Gregorian chant, mesmerising. Rest of day walking around mountain ,low level.
    At supper monks delivered veg some given some grown, was fantastic. There were only 3 ladies there 10 can stay, we decided on veg stir fry, adding little bits of things we brought!. We left most food we brought!. As had others, cupboards were full of teas coffee, hot choc, oval tine and pasta, tins of food. But like the others we left it behind. Have been 3 times, I make it sound like once.
    Have not been for 2 years but selfishly need this lovely nurturing escape!.

    • This sounds absolutely wonderful. It must leave you feeling very relaxed. I love Gregorian chants. I just have to look into this. Thank you for giving us the information.

  4. I wish my currants were producing that sort of weight but they’re young plants. Spiralise your courgette to make courgetti mix with spaghetti to make healthy pasta base for Bolognese etc.

  5. Love the sound of your yoga. I could do with your advice on making redcurrant jelly, after my attempt last sumer ended up as redcurrant cordial instead…

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