How to find the best boot sale bargains

I had a mixed experience looking for boot sale bargains yesterday. We went to two. The first was rubbish. Hardly any stalls and those that were there were mostly traders, selling old tools and out of date food.

Boot sale bargains

Boot sale bargains


We moved on quickly to the next, another small Saturday one. We often find boot sale bargains here and today was no exception. It is possible to buy really decent stuff at a Saturday or mid week boot sale, but Sundays or bank holidays are best. They tend to be much bigger, with more buyers and sellers.

I am trying my best to make a bit of extra money this month and my best chance is by selling on eBay. So I needed more stock. But how do you find the best boot sale bargains?

Find the real boot salers

I tend to look out for the real boot salers rather than the traders; those who have had a good clear out and just want rid. This is where you will find the best boot sale bargains! These tend to fall into two camps. The super keenies who arrive with the dealers at 6 am and those who turn up at 8 or after looking a bit confused and dishevelled.

You can tell the real boot salers straight away. They will be selling a true mix of goods rather than specialising in one thing, as the traders tend to.

Get there early

I do not join the greedy dealers who try to root through people’s bags as they are setting up. This is just rude! However, it pays to try to arrive early. You can get a good look at the early risers things and by the time you get through those the stragglers have set up too.

Identify the right kind of seller

Because my interest is mostly in ladies’ clothing I tend to watch out for younger female sellers. They often buy stuff they never wear and get bored with clothes quickly so I can get brand new or barely worn items from them. However, husband’s selling their wives things are good too. They can be clueless on price and often sell everything cheaply for the same amount, even if is is designer with the tags still on!

If I find a genuine person having a good clearout of their clothes it’s not unusual for me to spend a lot of time and money in one place.  Yesterday I spotted a lady with a stall full of great Marks and Spencer’s clothes, many still with tags. I bought 6 things for £20. The total value from the shop would have been £180 plus! I will get these listed and on eBay as soon as I can.

You will soon find the type of person to watch out for if you are interested in, say, children’s stuff or computer games.

Cheap household items

The traders stalls are worth a look for some items. You can find some well priced healthy plants, for example. Toiletries, cleaning products, bin liners, etc are also good value. Fruit and veg can also be worth a look, but with so much fresh produce in the garden now I didn’t bother.

Are you on the look out for boot sale bargains either for yourself or to resell at a profit? What are your best buys and your tips for finding them?

9 thoughts on “How to find the best boot sale bargains

  1. Guess when I go I look for middle aged couples with stalls that look like they are cleaning out mums house. I love kitchen bits , especially old solid cooking pots, little ones. I Collect signed paperweights some are worth a lot!. Everyone seems to have given grandma one at sometime, but sell them for a pound or 2.
    Lots are worth £50 to £100.

  2. Any paperweight that has Caithness glass scrawled on the bottom worth at least £50 !.more intricate higher price!.

  3. Look out for the paperweights that look like they are filled with hundreds of little bits of coloured rock!. Have had 2 . Sold them 1 £150 and £220. Signed in bottom Caithness was 50p, other £1.

  4. The early bird often gets the bargains. Most sellers are open to polite and reasonable haggling. Being aggressive or descending like gannets on a newly arrived car is intimidating. I look for vintage soft furnishings (you can never have too many cushions!),pictures and china. My china is mismatched and chipped but much loved and used every day. I avoid white van man and prefer to rummage on the independent stalls. You comment regarding “clueless husbands” made me smile – just this morning at Ardleigh I bagged some lovely china for pennies when the husband had been left in charge of the stall…..

  5. Hi Jane, our local one (Doncaster football stadium) wasn’t up to much this morning but was VERY busy which made it almost impossible to get a good look at the stalls. There were also lots of people on mobility scooters blocking stalls and shopping trolleys being dragged along behind people. It wasn’t the best day for finding any good bargains off the real boot sellers but I did get 15 sachets of shampoo for 50p which I will be using some of to take on our upcoming holiday instead of taking a bottle of shampoo and also 2 bottles of my Maybelline 24hr foundation for £5 a bottle instead of the usual price of £9.99 each from the trader that sells everything you could want in health and beauty. Hubby was after some new slippers but we couldn’t find one stall selling any, probably have more luck in the colder months.
    take care jane xx

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