Five frugal things: 16th July 2017

five frugal thingsAs I was on holiday last week you may be surprised to learn that I have easily achieved five frugal things.  Our week in our lovely Welsh retreat was a bargain vacation after all!!

Frugal achievement no. 1: Eating in

It would be easy to eat out a lot on holiday. We rarely do, usually allowing ourselves just the one restaurant meal. We had a delicious one when we went to Anglesey and I was more than happy to pay for the lovely food and excellent service. The rest of the time we treated ourselves to yummy meals in, buying Welsh lamb a couple of times as it really is excellent quality. Not cheap, but much more so than eating out. We had new potatoes and home grown vegetables we had taken with us alongside whatever we bought.

Frugal achievement no 2: Picnics all the way

five frugal thingsEvery day we made ourselves a flask and some sandwiches to take out with us. A couple of times we found some yellow stickered reductions and took those out with us the day after. I know people get nervous about going over best before dates, but it was only a day and we kept everything cold in the fridge and the cool bag. I think if you use your common sense and the food looks and smells fresh, it is usually perfectly edible and delicious. One day we got our picnic for less than £1!

Frugal achievement no 3: Kitting myself out for work

I find it hard to pass a charity shop and we went into lots of them in Aberystwyth. Poor Mr S was running out of patience with my by the end of the holiday! However, as well as finding some bargains to resell on eBay, I found two skirts and a top for work. The grand total? £6. You can’t do much better than that for a bargain.

Frugal achievement no 4: Finding free trips out

We did pay for some days out whilst we were away, most notably the wonderful Plas Cadnant Gardens in Anglesey. However, we also found lots of free attractions. The Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth was very interesting, when the sun shone we went to the beach and the RSPB South Stack nature reserve also cost us nothing. A walk along the beach or in the woods is always a joy and you get both for free.

Frugal achievement no 5: Using the library

One very wet day in Wales we went and sat in the library where we took advantage of the free wi-fi, magazines and newspapers on offer. I am all for using libraries wherever and whenever possible as the more people that do, the less likely the local authority is to close them. It was really interesting to see the range and number of people coming in to borrow books and use the computers.

Now we are home I need to think about some post holiday money saving so may need to find more than five frugal things each week! We may have had a frugal week compared to other people on their holidays, but Wales is a long way from us and the petrol cost a lot, we bought a few gifts for the girls and spent more on food than we normally would. So, this week, we will mostly be eating…..courgettes!

How about you? Have you managed five frugal things?

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6 thoughts on “Five frugal things: 16th July 2017

  1. I think you did splendidly on your holiday. When we were strapped for cash we never ate out, not even on our house swap holidays … well, I say that, we did have one meal in Tonbridge Wells and one at Warwick Castle (this was when our sons were young and with us, of course) but seldom did we buy more than an ice cream, and they were few and far between, too. I always made up sandwiches and a flask and some fruit cake and biscuits, all very plain fare but enjoyable when eaten out of door (or in the car if wet!) It is possible to have a lovely holiday and not spend much money and, as you say, the petrol was expensive.
    I read in the paper that there is a move to get “Use By” dates removed as they cause so much food waste. It would make people start to use a bit of what we used to call “common sense” again. But sadly, what is called “common sense” is not common to all!
    Margaret P

  2. I do admire your determination, Jane. We ate out a lunch times on holiday (not necessarily in restaurants; in fact the best lunch we had was a very inexpensive sausage sandwich in a little cafe in Coniston) and then have things like crackers and cheese in the evenings.
    Regarding what Margaret has said about ‘use by’ dates – I have always been very anti food-waste and have been very inventive in avoiding it. It’s quite fun to look at leftovers and know that it HAS to make up some kind of meal, don’t you think?

  3. Great post. I have to admit that if I am on holiday I don’t waste money but a holiday is a holiday and we so rarely eat out in general that we are going to treat myself whilst away. As far as the charity shops are concerned, did you go into Craft near Lidl when you were in Aber. It is fantastic for buying home things, crockery, furniture and we have bought a lot of things for our house from there from heated radiators, 1930’s sideboard and wardrobe, pots and pans loads of stuff.

  4. We are mostly eating courgettes this week too! Whatever else fails in the garden we always seem to have an abundance of courgettes to get through in the summer.

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