Feeding a teenager: this week’s meal plan

We have a French language student arriving later today for the week. I have been doing this long enough to know that feeding a teenager is not the same as providing food for anyone else. Sure, some of them are pretty adventurous and will eat all of the meals we usually eat. More often than not, however, they are fussy!

Feeding a teenager could mean eating just brown food for the week. I am not prepared to go that far, but I will adapt some meals to include common foods beloved by teenagers the world over. As long as there isn’t lots of waste, I don’t mind this.

If she was  MY teenager, I would make her eat all the weird stuff. However, as she is a guest, we will eat quite conservatively for a week.

We will provide all meals each day. Breakfast will be cereals, toast or baguettes, jam, marmalade, etc. Lunch is two rolls with ham or cheese, some crisps, fruit, cake and water (they will get theirs in a reusable bottle as I refuse to buy it in disposable plastic). Then each evening we will eat our main meal together.

feeding a teenager

A meal plan for feeding a teenager


Pizza and salad. The coach is arriving quite late and I don’t think they will want a heavy meal before bed. Fruit or yogurt for pudding.


The students are off on a coach tour to Harry Potter World today. I plan to make a beef and mushroom casserole for them and Mr S. I will make a veggie stew for me and put any spare in the freezer. Chocolate cake for pudding.


Macaroni au gratin from Delia’s Frugal Food. This contains bacon, so I will make a smaller separate one without bacon for me. Fruit, yogurt or cake for pudding.


Burgers, buns and air fried chips, probably with some salad too. I will have a veggie burger. Fruit, yogurt or cake for pudding.


Creamy mustard chicken from A Girl Called Jack. I will make one without the chicken for me and serve both with rice and vegetables. Fruit, yogurt or ice cream for pudding.


Chicken or Quorn kievs with vegetables and jacket potatoes. Fruit, yogurt or ice cream for pudding.


Cheese omelettes, home made chips and corn on the cob. Fruit, yogurt or ice cream for pudding.

We only have dessert once or twice a week usually, but I am obliged to offer a pud to my guest. Does anyone else host language students and what do you feed them? Do you have any tips for feeding a teenager?

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9 thoughts on “Feeding a teenager: this week’s meal plan

  1. As my daughter is starting to look at study abroad programs for both long and shorter durations, we ae interested in what the hosting might be like. I would feel so reassured if you were my child’s host! Question, do you get a stipend for just the costs of hosting, or do you actually get paid a room and board fee, to cover some of your time as a host? Not liovin gin a college area, nor a particularly touristy part of the US, I don’t think we ever would host in this way, but would like to think about perhaps an exchange student. I know that is usually just self funded as part of volunteering.

  2. Ok don’t know if this will help, I have 2 teenagers and they love cheap curry noodles from Tesco! They are handy for after school. They just stick them on themselves and this keeps them going until dinner. Or toast, they love toast and plenty of bananas and satsumas.

  3. I used to have Japanese and European students. We found they liked simple spaghetti pasta and tomato sauce with grated cheese and garlic bread. Chocolate pots, petit filou type puds or Ice cream cornets and fresh fruit. Muffins were always popular I used to bake a batch. Homemade pizza with choice of toppings and chips with mayo! Panini toasties with mozzarella and ham, quiche sometimes or roast chicken maybe.

  4. I think your meals sound fantastic! If you’re obliged to provide a pudding you could always buy some of those little individual ones from Tesco, like sponge puddings etc or make a 3 ingredient mug cake! (I’ve got one on my blog). Thanks for linking up x

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