Fame and honey: Five fugal things

No sooner had I sorted my meal plan for a heat wave yesterday, than the weather broke. We had a big storm and heavy rainfall. It is very welcome and feels like the garden is breathing a huge sigh of relief!

Everything looks so dry and parched. Even the weeds have been dying. I am hoping for more rain this weekend.

Anyway, onto our five frugal things for the week.

In the news

Regular readers might remember that aeons ago I did a photo shoot for the Daily Mail. It was because I had seen a plea from a journalist on a Facebook group for women who had started experiencing allergies as they moved towards the menopause.

five frugal things

It was great fun. They sent a photographer and stylist round to make me look fabulous. Theoretically, anyway. In reality they trowelled on the makeup and made my hair look a bit flat, but hey ho!

I had given up on them ever using the article but it finally ran this week in the Femail section. You have to get past the annoying popups to actually read it.

Why is it one of my five frugal things? Because they paid me £100. That is going into the new patio door fund (I had said it would go to our emergency fund, but that has been building up nicely anyway). The current one is ancient and allows the damp and cold into our little lodger lounge.

Frugal food savers

Does anyone else save elastic bands? I always do – they are so handy to have. Often I use them to secure packets of food, such as frozen peas or bags of pasta. Something else I use to help keep food from spoiling is a pack of pegs. You don’t need to buy special bag ties or clips. A cheap bag of pegs does the job better and they can be reused again and again. I even kept the wire ties from our dishwasher packaging as I am sure that will be useful for something!

five frugal things

Mr S never lets a decent cardboard box go, either. He uses them to safely package some of the books and brochures he sends out as part of his business.

I keep the plastic bags that fruit and vegetables come in as well and use them as sandwich bags. Reduce, reuse, recycle and save money!

Spending my vouchers at the sales

My daughter gave me some M&Co vouchers she had been holding onto for ages and decided she would never use. I thought they might have expired but checked and was told that their gift vouchers didn’t have an expiry date. Even better, they had a sale on. I like M&Co clothing but it’s not the cheapest, so this was good news.

five frugal things

I bought a pair of cool floral summer trousers for £19. This left me £1. Luckily I found a pair of plain black socks reduced to exactly that. Very pleased with the trousers and, of course, they actually cost me nothing.

Let’s get listing

I have had items from various boot sales and charity shops kicking around for ages, waiting to be listed on eBay.  As I picked up yet more last weekend this propelled me into action. I did everything apart from a couple of pictures, which I shall put onto Facebook Marketplace.

It is quite time consuming to resell on eBay, especially as I already have a full time job, but it is helpful extra money.

Tell ’em about the honey

five frugal things

I asked Mr Shoestring whether he had achieved five frugal things this week and he first said, ‘yes, I always do.’ Then exclaimed, ‘Tell ’em about the honey!’

five frugal things

Jono the Bee in action

His brother is a beekeeper (aka Jono the Bee) and Mr S helps him out a lot. This week they spent hours spinning off some fresh honey. It is so delicious. I have it on my muesli or porridge every morning.

five frugal things

The honey is ready for despatch

This is sold to friends, shops and at the local wildlife trust, where some of the hives are. It is a bit specialised for a side hustle, but very satisfying. And it goes to prove that you can, indeed, make money from a hobby.

What have your five frugal things been this week?

As ever, I am linking up with  Cass Emma  and Becky in this week’s Five Frugal Things I have done this Week linky.

7 thoughts on “Fame and honey: Five fugal things

  1. I just have to say how sweet it is that your partner is embracing not just frugality but your blogging about frugality. Free clothing-that’s a find, and love that you found th socks to balance the reminder. Who can’t use another pair of socks at some point.

  2. The promised rain was, once again, a bit of a non-event here in NW London! Certainly not enough to compensate the garden! We’ve only had one other occasion of rain since the end of May! 😮
    All the shrubs are looking stressed and I fear one has totally died as the leaves have gone completely brown. 🙁

    I pick up the rubber bands that posties drop on their rounds and stretch them over the handle of my wheelie bag, to hold the flap up when filling/emptying it!!

  3. Do I save elastic (or rubber?) bands? But of course, dear friend. But for packets of peas, I close them with a clothes peg! I find clothes pegs one of the most useful things around. The rubber bands are mainly those that the postie drops (they should return them to the sorting office! Don’t they now they’re dangerous to animals?) and those from around boxes from Amazon.
    I’ve not bought any clothes this summer, not even a pair of summer shoes. I’ve gone straight from winter ankle boots to summer sandals and Converse trainers. There is nothing more frugal than not buying anything (I don’t count books, magazines, my hair dos, manicures, pedicures, flowers …) and we’ve not been on holiday. When I see the chaos at the airports and on the trains, I think it’s pure luxury to be able to be at home enjoying peace and quiet and comfort, and perhaps having the occasional pub lunch or a Sunday morning breakfast at a seafront bistrot. Holidays aren’t compulsory, thank goodness.
    Margaret P

  4. I love those trousers & you can never go wrong with a new pair of socks!
    A friend of mine recently gifted me with a jar of honey produced by the University of Guelph – they have an agricultural dept. and the honey is sold to raise funds for Immigrant Services – it’s delicious.
    5 Things:
    .cooked the last mince and turkey thighs from the freezer. It is now empty of non-cooked food except for bacon and some fish. I have been trying to use up what is already there so that I can start adding new items. I only have the top of the fridge but friends are amazed at how much I can get in there.
    .found red and yellow peppers on sale this week so froze 2 zip lock bags of each as a start
    .used loyalty points to buy some groceries
    .cooked lots of other items just to use them up (last of the red quinoa, last of the frozen shrimp)
    .able to combine sale price with loyalty point offers to start restocking pantry with canned fruit & baked beans
    It has also cooled down a bit here at last – only up to 24C today and it’s supposed to stay around that temp all week with a bit of rain each day. We have had way too many 30C+ days (feeling like 40C) this summer so it will be nice to have a bit of a break. Stay cool.

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