My eating from the larder meal plan

I have done a proper stock check of the freezer and barely need to buy any groceries this week. Because I buy cheaply when I find items on offer, I sometimes forget what is in there! To keep on top of food bills it is really important to know what you already have and plan it into your meals. Otherwise it is too easy to buy more and more and waste what you already have. I popped into Asda last night to get their version of lactose free milk, yogurt, fruit, cat food and a couple of other items. I am hoping not to need anything else for the week. Here is my eating from the larder meal plan.

eating from the larder
Eating from the larder


I am eating out! I love getting my dinner cooked for me for a change. My friend Wendy is a fabulous cook so I am looking forward to a night with her and the girls. I have bought meringues and Lactofree cream to go with her fruity dessert.

It really is my turn to cook next time so I will get my thinking cap on to think about what I can make that is impressive but won’t break the bank.


I still have the job lot of pork chops I bought reduced from Asda in the freezer. Mr S and darling daughter will have these and I will have some of the nut roast I forgot was in hiding behind a loaf of bread in the freezer. My daughter does a great marinade for the pork with soy sauce, honey and ginger.  We will have roast potatoes, some frozen beans, frozen broccoli and Yorkshire puds.

I like to keep a stash of frozen veg in the freezer for when the fresh stuff runs low.


I have potatoes that are looking a bit sprouty so I will make these into home made oven chips to eat with omelettes and some salad. We eat fewer potatoes in the summer so I buy small bags. Sometimes they do get forgotten about and I hate wasting food!


We shall have tuna pasta bake. This is a great eating from the larder meal. We always have pasta, tuna and tomatoes! Actually, my daughter brought a jar of sauce back from uni, so if I am tired I will use that up. There is a jar of black olives in the fridge so I will throw some of those in too.


Sea bass with vegetables and hollandaise sauce. This is in the freezer and had also been shoved to the back. I love fish of any sort and eat it once or twice a week generally. I have fresh carrots that I will use up but will also use some of the frozen veg again.


eating from the larderSardine spaghetti. This is becoming a staple, although I vary the ingredients slightly each time, adding peppers if I have them or some chilli if I want a bit of a kick. It may sound unappealing but sardines make a really great sauce for pasta. Even my eldest daughter, who is fussy as hell, enjoys it. I will try this version I think, although I don’t have whole wheat spaghetti so will use the normal stuff.


Chilli chicken or salmon with roasted new potatoes and vegetables. The chicken was another yellow sticker bargain that I split into portions and froze. I also have a single portion of salmon so I shall have that. New potatoes are obviously delicious just as they are, but I really love them roasted with a little olive oil and garlic.

So, my eating from the larder menu plan is pretty straightforward and mostly uses what we already have.  I would love to hear what you have planned for the week. All inspiration gratefully accepted!

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker and the Organised Life Project. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at their blogs. For more of my frugal food ideas see here.

8 thoughts on “My eating from the larder meal plan

  1. As you have done, Jane, I need to check the freezer stock. I know I’ve used the last lasagne, but there is still a chicken casserole in the freezer and some lovely veggie soup. That’s two meals for the week because I add a drained can of beans (whatever I feel like at the time, haricot, cannellini, butter bean, etc) when I re-heat the soup, so that will be the protein quotient (that’s not a bad word for a Saturday, is it?)
    I find that we tend to run out of fresh fruit and veg quickly – our weekly shop is mainly items for the fridge and freezer, with just a few canned goods to replenish the larder (canned tomatoes, packets of stock.) We eat masses of fruit, and it’s so lovely at this time of the year, and I make a vat of fruit salad and that will last two days for the two of us, we have it at every available opportunity, for breakfast and for dessert. But I do need to check the contents (and write them down. I did this for a time and now the list isn’t up to date.) But like you, I am sure we could go at least a week, perhaps more than, on the stock already in the fridge and freezer and larder.
    Margaret P

  2. .Sunday will be salad with shrimp that I have in the freezer
    .Monday it will be salad with some cold meat & cheese that I have in the fridge
    .Tuesday, I’m eating out at a BBQ being put on by my volunteer group
    .Wednesday I’m going to make some turkey burgers (no buns) with steamed veg (ground turkey is in the freezer)
    .Thursday it will be a repeat of the turkey burgers (no buns)
    .Friday will be fish with veg and a salad
    .Saturday I have friends coming over mid afternoon so I’m doing a cold buffet so everyone can help themselves.
    Not a very exciting week but it’s going back up to nearly 30C so meals in the Summer tend to be more assembled items than cooked. If it’s cooler one morning I’ll roast some vegetables and/or cook a batch of chicken, that sort of thing. I go back to cooking properly come September.

  3. I am amazed when people go shopping for extra food to make a meal, when the pantry and fridge have enough food to make a nice meal. I lost 1 stone just by eating economically, using up what I already had, before sallying forth to buy more.

  4. This sound like a delicious meal plan, as always.

    I find the same with potatoes in the Summer, also they seem to sprout so fast too. Drives me mad!!

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