This week’s easy meal plan

meal planningI am still feeling crazy tired and awaiting more tests to see what is ailing me. It’s a long old process! This means I continue to look at meals that aren’t too time consuming to make after work, hence the easy meal plan.

 Meal planning saves time and money. It is so much easier to make and stick to a budget if you know exactly what you need to buy. I love the fact that I don’t even have to spend energy thinking about it when I have an easy meal plan such as this.


Sausages, jacket potatoes and baked beans. After a hard week, we need an easy Friday night tea! I will have a bit of fish in breadcrumbs rather than the sausages though.


Curry night! I will make a good veggie curry then add some cooked chicken breast to the carnivores’ version. We will have basmati rice and poppadums and maybe go crazy with some mango chutney.


I found a large pack of pork chops in the reduced section in Asda recently. They were frozen individually. Mr S and darling daughter can have those with creamy mash and vegetables. I will have a nut cutlet with mine.


five frugal thingsEggs benedict with sweet potato chips.


Kipper kedgeree. This should be made with smoked haddock, but kippers are cheaper and work equally well.


Home-made tuna pasta bake with black olives. We will have the remaining spinach from the eggs benedict with this.


Tortillas with loads of spicy vegetables and grated cheese. We will probably have home-made chips with these and salad if there is any left.

 So, that is our easy meal plan for the week. What will you be eating?

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker and the Organised Life Project. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at their blogs. For more of my frugal food ideas see here.


11 thoughts on “This week’s easy meal plan

  1. My attempts at meal planing have always failed miserably.I have a grown up son living at home, he has Aspergers and can be quite difficult at meal times and quite fussy too! He doesn’t always want to eat when we do or what I am preparing ,not keen on sandwiches,doesn’t like things on toast, only likes “thin ” chips ( oven ones ),won’t eat the same meal two days running so that’s left overs out ! In order to make life easier for us both I have given him his own area of the larder and filled it with snack and lunch things that he likes so he just helps himself when he wants and buy him a few ready meals to keep in the fridge so at main meal times he can choose one if he doesn’t want what we are having, he won’t have side veg with those as he says it doesn’t say so on the packet! To make things more complicated I am veggie transitioning to vegan, married to a meat lover ! I must really knuckle down and prepare some freezer meals for me that I can add meat to for husband, my food bill is WAY too high and our income is not! I do hope you get to the bottom of your problem soon and that it doesn’t get you down.Thank you for your interesting and inspiring blogs!

  2. Some good ideas – I’ve meal planned for the last 30 years since I moved out of home to go to Uni – I’m really not sure I could function without a plan!! lol x

  3. I’m using up fish & shrimp from the freezer this week along with hard boiled eggs and a chicken breast. I’ll have these as my proteins with a batch of roasted veggies and salad greens. Temps are to be over 30C most of the week so I won’t be doing a lot of cooking.

    I know that you eat fish but not meat – do you think your fatigue could be that your B12 is a bit low? I have friends who are vegetarians & vegans and they get shots once a month to help and it seems to make a big difference.

  4. Thanks ever so much for linking up. Sometimes you just need some really easy dinners – I know I always do on the nights when I’ve been at work all day. You look like you’ve got some winners there.

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