Cheat’s Christmas Chocolate Cake

I have slaved over a hot cake tin over past Christmases and spent lots of time and money making fabulous Christmas cakes that nobody eats. My lot just aren’t that keen!

So this year I asked them what they wanted and they said a chocolate cake.

christmas cakeI could make one from scratch, but since I am working all the way through to Christmas Eve, I don’t feel guilty about cheating, and have made a delicious frugal cake that I know they will really enjoy.

The secret? Betty Crocker’s chocolate cake mix! This costs £2.25 for each cake, £2.25 for one pot of chocolate fudge icing, which will be enough to fill and top two cakes, plus around £2 for some decorations (I had some in the cupboard already).

Sure I could make chocolate cakes myself more cheaply, but I am short of time as well as money, so I don’t think less than £9 for two special cakes is bad….