5 quotes to create calm


Quotes to create calm

I had a mega stressful day yesterday, for reasons I can’t really go into on the blog. I thought that, rather than doing five frugal things this week, I would calm my restless brain with five calming quotations. I feel better already! I hope you enjoy my five quotes to create calm.

#1 The calmness of cats

“The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat” – Jules Renard.

As a cat owner, I can verify that there are few creatures that look quite so relaxed as a cat. Not necessarily sitting, but lying usually. Our cat, Dora, gets so calm and chilled you can almost feel her sinking into your lap. She makes you relaxed just looking at her!

quotes to create calm

#2 The calm of the countryside

“I long for the countryside. That’s where I get my calm and tranquillity; from being able to come and find a spot of green.” – Emilia Clarke

I couldn’t agree more! Getting out into the countryside or having a walk through the woods always helps me to relax, being surrounded by green. It is one of the many reasons I love holidaying in Wales. There is so much endless green space. I believe we suffer when we are trapped in a concrete jungle.

quotes to create calm

#3 Acceptance to create calm

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” – Wayne Dyer

I could quote Wayne Dyer over and over. He was such a wise and clever person. Acceptance of a situation that you cannot change is the path to a peaceful mind. Easier said than done sometimes, but worth pondering on when you find yourself feeling out of control.

#4 The power of meditation

“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things. That’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment…It’s a discipline and you have to practice it.” – Walter Isaacson

I have been practising meditation on and off for a while. It is worth finding the time to try it, although it can feel insanely difficult to learn to still the chattering monkey that is your brain. I have found that using an app such as Calm or Headspace is really helpful to get started. I explored the various apps and online resources for meditation in this post.

quotes to create calm#5 Positive thinking

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs

I really believe that cultivating a positive attitude towards life, and expressing gratitude for the good things you experience, is massively beneficial to your mental and physical health. I recently wrote a gratitude journal for a week as part of this post, and continue to lift my spirits when I feel low by counting my blessings. It really works!!

quotes to create calm

I hope that you enjoyed these quotes to create calm. Do you have any go to gurus for when life is giving you a kicking and you feel a bit frazzled?




9 thoughts on “5 quotes to create calm

  1. Thank you for this lovely and timely post. I too am going through a stressful time at the moment which is causing me feelings I don’t usually have as I’m normally quite a positive person. Although I can empathise with others having gone through very difficult times in my past. Your thoughts and suggestions are wonderful. I find being in the countryside is a real balm or even just the garden if that’s not possible is wonderful. I go to yoga once a week and that also helps. I send you love and hugs and hope things feel much lighter for you very soon.

  2. I am ashamed to say that my go to place is the kitchen to create a huge plate of comfort food and to sit and watch something mindless on the television ( hence myweight problem) , I long to take a day to go to the beach which isn’t too far from me but am restricted by being constantly on call with my adult son’s epilepsy, I wouldn’t have it any other way but guiltily every so often I yearn for a little freedom which makes me feel awful (morechips),My son lives independently but if his alarm goes off I have minutes to get to him,he is soon to have brain surgery which even though it’s really scary will hopefully improve his condition and we can all relax a little. I also like to look after my home and cleaning and rearranging makes me feel good.At the end of the day I am so lucky and reading your blog has inspired me to buy a beginner’s yoga DVD which I can do at home.I do hope you feel calmer soon and I thank you for your inspirational musings.

  3. Yes to all of those ideas.
    I try very hard not to sweat the small stuff – which at the moment means restricting media (social or otherwise- both can be very toxic) and just looking out the window at what’s happening outside. Invariably life is continuing as always which is something to hold on to.

    I also like to “lose” myself – either in a hobby, or reading or catching up on something I’ve been meaning to watch. All of these focus my mind on something other than the stressful situation(s).

    I hope life sorts itself out quickly and painlessly and you can regain your balance soon.

  4. Thank you for your calm thoughts and for all your inspiring posts. this is not a direct quote, I’ve used it for so long I can’t remember it’s origins. It goes something like this –
    “Will you remember (whatever it is that’s got me in this state) in a month…in a year…in ten years?”
    This puts things into perspective for me.
    Best wishes for things to be in a happy place again very soon, Pam

  5. I have been meditating too, and have found it helpful over the long term. It was a turning point for me to realise that the aim was to recognise my brain wandering, and gently to turn it back to my still point or breath or whatever. It is the practice of noticing and turning back which is so helpful.

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