Still got leftovers? How about Turkey with pasta and blue cheese?

imageI thought we had used most of our Christmas leftovers, but then Mr S turned up with a great hunk of cooked turkey breast from his brother! Never one to waste such a gift I decided to adapt a recipe I have had for years and use it with the remaining Stilton and a bit of cream and wine to make a delicious pasta sauce. The original recipe uses fresh chicken breast, Gorgonzola and white wine but it worked just as well with the cooked meat, Stilton and a bit of rose wine that had been hanging around for too long in the fridge. If you are using raw meat, fry it in the oil with the garlic for a bit and then proceed as below.

4oz spinach, chopped (or frozen peas, or par cooked broccoli)
2tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
About 8oz cooked turkey or chicken
14oz dried pasta
4fl oz white wine
7 fl oz cream
4 oz blue cheese

Put your pasta on to boil as per instructions. Heat the oil and gently sweat the garlic then add the veg and fry for a few minutes before tipping on the meat. Warm through then add the cheese cut into cubes, the cream and the wine. Allow it all to bubble away until the cheese has melted and the meat is heated right through. Season to taste then stir into the cooked and drained pasta and serve.

We had ours with some salad that needed eating but it’s nice with some crusty bread to mop up the juices.

I found a great little blog via Instagram yesterday which I will be passing into my daughter for inspiration. If you know a young person who needs a kick to start saving, send them to:


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