Food Allergies on a Budget?

I went to my friend’s house for dinner yesterday. She is a fantastic cook and she didn’t disappoint. We had a slow cooked mutton and damson stew, with stuffed peppers and lemon roast potatoes, and it was superb. I don’t think she even follows a recipe book – she just has a flair and a feeling for what will work well.

My friend’s great cookery skills have come in handy as she was diagnosed with coeliac’s disease a couple of years ago so has had to complete change the way she cooks and eats to avoid any type of gluten.

Because she cooks from scratch most of the time anyway it has been relatively easy for her to make sure she avoids it. She also makes great gluten free cakes, although I think bread is more of a challenge.

imageBut have you seen the price of gluten free foods in the shops? I wouldn’t be able to afford those so would have to make my own baked products or just go without. I already have to buy lactose free milk – it took most of my life to discover I am lactose intolerant and it was a big relief when I finally did. However, soya ‘milk’ is revolting to me as are all the yogurts and ‘cheeses’ derived from soya. The only acceptable product I have found is Provomel chocolate desserts.

I buy Lactofree milk and yogurts now. It is just milk with the lactose removed and tastes like a slightly creamier version of normal milk. However, it is dearer – around £1.35 per litre when I pay £1 for 4 pints (2.27 litres) of the ordinary stuff in Aldi. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a cheaper alternative. I have on occasion made my own yogurt with it but prefer the bought stuff, so generally allow myself just 4 Lactofree yogurts a week – £1.48 for 4.

Fortunately I can tolerate small amounts of hard cheese and butter so can stick with Aldi for these.

Do you have any budget breaking food allergies and, if so, how do you manage? Have you found the perfect gluten free bread recipe yet? Can you stomach soya milk?