This week’s frugal and healthy meal plan

frugal and healthy

I am aiming for another frugal and healthy meal plan this week. We will be eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and lots of vegetarian food.


Stir fried vegetables and noodles with baked chicken for Mr S and perhaps a Quorn fillet for me (I might not bother). I have carrots, courgettes, celery, peas and cabbage to put in the stir fry. Couldn’t see any bean sprouts in Lidl yesterday but we can do without.


Fish pie. Lidl had a fish mix on offer so I snapped it up.  We have broccoli and carrots to eat with this.

If I feel up to it I will make a bread pudding with some of the odds and ends of bread in the freezer.


frugal and healthy

Brown rice cashew nut pilaf. I will make enough for two nights and have the same tomorrow night as well. We will have a green salad to accompany this.


As above :). It’s always good to have a night off cooking.


frugal and healthy

Cheesy mushroom and lentil cottage pie with vegetables and vegetarian gravy. I just love lentils!


frugal and healthy

Home made ratatouille with brown rice. I made this last week and put half in the freezer. We will have this with some grated cheese for a nice, easy tea.


Our usual end of week easy omelette dinner, maybe with a jacket potato or some air fried chips and salad.

Since I discovered that proper Greek strained yogurt is really low in lactose, I have been buying it every week. It makes a nice breakfast on muesli or an easy pudding with some fruit and honey. Love it! I also bought some low fat humous to have as a snack on crackers or as a dip with carrots.

So that’s my frugal and healthy meal plan. What are you eating this week?

This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at her blog.


4 thoughts on “This week’s frugal and healthy meal plan

  1. Tuesday is also Pancake Day, in case you fancy something different!
    It’s also St Piran’s Day (Cornwall) so pasties and Saffron Cake will be on our menu, topped off with a bottle of Tribute!

    Saturday: Fish Pie

    Sunday: Lentil & Peanut Layer

    Monday: Vegetable Masala

    Tuesday: Pasties

    Wednesday: Chicken burgers & chips for the menfolk – probably a bowl of porridge for me

    Thursday: Chickpea Stew

    Friday: Chicken Pie for the menfolk/bowl of porridge for me!

  2. Saturday – all the cooked veggies that are leftover in the fridge, along with a slice of turkey meatloaf from the freezer

    Sunday – Salmon cake from the freezer with salad
    Monday – HM chicken noodle soup with bread & cheese & salad
    Tuesdays – Pancakes with maple syrup
    Wednesday – Chilli from the freezer with salad
    Thursday – Turkey meatloaf with veggies
    Friday – Salad with chicken thighs from the freezer

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