The urge to wander

We had a lovely short break away on the south coast. There are still so many places in the UK to explore! On beautiful sunny days such as we had why would anyone feel deprived if they can find the cash for a couple of days at the English seaside instead of the Maldives 😀?

Seriously, I love to travel. There are many places I wish I could afford to go to but there are just as many fabulous areas in the UK that we can easily get to. We need to start a serious savings plan to buy the camper van we have always wanted, then there will be no stopping us. If we are going to manage that we must be even more frugal than usual!

Zero waste kitchen

I came back to find I had been sent a copy of Zero Waste Kitchen to review for my frugal bookshelf. It looks right up my street. I hate waste and I think it could give me good ideas for avoiding it and save money at the same time.

The review will follow as soon as o get the chance. The forecast for this weekend is excellent and I want to spend some more time out in the garden. I also want to take a trip to the garden centre as I have some vouchers from my birthday.

But first the cleaning, then we are meeting up with some of Mr S’s family for lunch. It will be a busy weekend for me! How about you?

7 thoughts on “The urge to wander

  1. The sun is shining and in an hour I will be on my way out. My cleaning will be left for another day. You can’t beat a good wander.

  2. I agree with all the lovely places we have on offer at home – and no conversion of money needed!!
    Every time I read a blog visit to somewhere interesting, or watch a programme on TV that piques my interest, I make a note of it on a Word Document I created for each county in the UK.
    That way, if I ever find myself able to go somewhere I have a ready-made list of places to visit / things to do when I get there!
    For me, wasting time is just as much a no-no as wasting money is!!! 😀

  3. We love to visit parts of the UK, too! Indeed, I’ve hardly travelled anywhere abroad, just a couple of visits – Germany as a teenager (on a student exchange) France, 30 years ago, Belgium, 10 years ago for a long weekend … but husband has been all over the place when he was working, even as far as Japan, which was a long way (metaphorically speaking) 30 years ago. But as we live in such a lovely area we are rather lazy and just have days out to various places in Devon. We keep saying we must get back to Suffolk, our favourite area (from those we have visited) and perhaps we will …
    As for cleaning, I wrote a post about this very subject yesterday!
    I quite enjoy cleaning when I’m not under pressure to do it quickly or I have other things which also need to be done (ironing, cooking, a writing deadline …) Indeed, It’s lovely seeing a lovely clean home after a bit of effort (or in my case, a lot of effort, ha ha!)
    Talking of waste, and I hate waste as much as the next person, several times this year our local authority refuse people have sent their ordinary (i.e. non-re-cycling) waste lorry to collect the re-cycling stuff which the residents have carefully segregated. Rhey’ve sent a different one for the food waste but sent the big lorry for all the cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, etc. You can’t tell me that will all be sorted at the depot, not when I heard all the glass breaking as the stuff was chucked into the lorry! This is adding insult to injury for not only have we worked at sorting the re-cycling stuff, but also our council tax has gone up too!
    Moanie of Torbay, ha ha!
    aka Margaret P
    Margaret P

    • I would contact your local councillor, Margaret. That is bang out of order! Suffolk is just up the road from me and one of my favourite counties too, although Devon takes some beating

  4. I have enjoyed some great holidays abroad but I agree, there are so many lovely places in the UK. Among my favourites are Devon and The Lake District. The Western Isles of Scotland are amazing. My daughter lives in Shropshire which is very pretty. I live in Worcestershire, and the city of Worcester is a great favourite of mine. On my list to visit is Sussex as I have never been in the area.

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