Ten hobbies you can make money from

Are there really any hobbies you can make money from? TuppenysFIREplace argues that there are.

Ten hobbies you can make money from

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy spending time on? Or do you have spare time that you want to make more of? Want to earn money on top of your day job but with built in flexibility so you still get to live the life you want?

Turning your hobby and spare time into a money making business will achieve all three. Everyone enjoys having fun but how great is it to have fun and earn money at the same time?

You don’t need to be the next internet mogul or entrepreneur of the year to get started. Nor do you usually need to have any qualifications in the subject. You just need an interest in your hobby and a willingness to spend time doing it. Here are some ideas for hobbies you can make money from.

Ten hobbies you can make money from


Photography can earn you a lot of money. However, it is very competitive so you need to work out what your unique selling point is. Some people specialise in weddings, others in landscape photography. Having a website to display your wares will help people find you and see what you produce. You can sell your photos through online websites such as 123RF, Adobe Stock and Dreamstime.

My daughter started a photography business as a side hustle when she was 22. She worked Monday to Friday in an unrelated field so figured she could work some weekends doing weddings and events and use an evening or two to edit and produce the final results. It brings in a nice side income for her at a time when money is tight.

Freelance writing

You don’t need an English degree to become a freelance writer. In fact you don’t need any qualifications – you just need to be able to write. The people you end up freelancing for are interested in whether you can provide then with what they want, not what exams you passed. You will need a small portfolio to showcase your skills and Ruth has some great tips on how to create a freelance portfolio, and then it’s all about finding those jobs through websites such as:

Freelance Writing Gigs

People per hour


Freelance Writing

Graphic design

If you are a graphic designer by day or just love creating graphics and online artwork then why not consider creating for someone else and getting paid for it? You can find customers through websites such as Fiverr and People per hour. I used Fiverr to find someone to create my website logo and was spoilt for choice.


You often hear in the media how the younger generations spend too much time on social media and their computers. But what if you could make money from doing exactly that? I know many people enjoy online gaming, where you compete and work with other gamers from around the world, talking to each other and building online friendships.

If you’re good at gaming then you can earn money from it. Upload your gameplay to YouTube and gain a following. Add in some YouTube ads and when one of your followers clicks on one of those ads you will gain a commission. Probably only pennies to start but pennies mount up don’t they?

If you are a white hot gamer you may be keen to pit your skills against other elite players. Tournaments can include prizes. The big ones pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds! Become an elite gamer and you could be sponsored by gaming brands as well which would provide you with a regular income. Esporting is the name given to the art of playing in gaming tournaments for money and just look at how much money is involved in the esporting business.


Crafting can be a serious business these days. With the internet and websites like Etsy, it’s never been easier to showcase your wares.

Many hobby crafters make their items for themselves or to give as gifts at Christmas and other family holidays. If you are looking to make a little extra money, why not ramp up the production of your favourite things and sell them? You can sell your craft items through websites such as Etsy or Ebay. There is also a good trade to potentially be had at craft fairs and car boot sales here in the UK.


Being good at DIY gives you a great deal of satisfaction in a job well done. You are also likely to be called upon by family members and friends to help them with their DIY. Why not make a little money out of your DIY skills? There are many people who cannot or are not interested in learning even the basics of DIY such as putting up a shelf or fixing a leaking tap. I include myself in this group!

 A colleague at work really enjoyed his DIY and had completed many jobs for friends and families. Jobs such as installing new decking, building a summer house and the like. He loved this type of work and disliked his office based job. He started offering his services for money, built up a small customer based working at the weekend and using some of his annual leave. After 25 years in the same job, he resigned and is now self employed doing what he loves.

Become a teacher

Some people are born to be teachers and some people get drawn to it after becoming skilled in a particular area. These days you can tutor on a wide range of subjects, from the ukulele to maths to baking. You can teach face to face, at a local college or online. Online sites include VIPKID, TutorVista and tutor. You do usually need a degree in your chosen subject for theses sites but don’t need to be a qualified teacher.

Alternatively you can create online courses on just about anything; from crystal healing to digital painting to Facebook marketing. Udemy and Skillshare are two platforms that you can get started on and get paid every time someone takes your course.

In addition, of course, you can advertise your services locally to teach students in their own home or yours. It could be for extra revision ahead of exams or learning a new skill. There are a multitude of reasons why people seek out a tutor.

Website design

I have to pay £30 to get a basic bit of coding changed on my blog because I don’t have the knowledge, understanding or confidence to do it myself. I bought my website design from a designer for the same reason. Companies need websites designed specifically for them and their brand and will pay decent money for it.


For some people investing in the stock market is a true hobby and they spend hours researching stocks and reading company reports. Me? Not so much, as in not at all! But if you’re not like me and enjoy the challenge of finding the next big stock then you can make money investing. Individual stocks usually pay dividends every quarter or bi-annually. Once you’ve built up a small portfolio you can use the dividends you receive to buy more stock. (I would add that returns aren’t guaranteed and you should take independent advice before investing large amounts of money.)


Would you like to be paid to go shopping? Mystery shopping is big business here in the UK. You won’t become a millionaire with mystery shopping, but you can get free lunches, breakfasts, cash and groceries. I earned £60 for 2 hours work taking out a new bank product at my local branch. Many people see going to a large shopping centre as a leisure activity. Why not get paid for it and possibly have a free lunch? You can find out more about mystery shopping and the best companies to work for here.

These are just ten hobbies you can make money from. There are thousands of other hobbies out there that you could turn into a money making machine. If you have a hobby or enjoy doing something, why not do a little research and see if you could be earning from it?

Many thanks for this guest post from TuppennysFIREplace. She says: ‘I started life as a teenage single mum without tuppence to rub together, then spent many years not much better off. Throughout my life I have saved hard, spent too much, made mistakes and worked my way back out of them. On my blog I talk about living the frugal life and saving enough to retire early. We are on track to retire within 2 years and I can’t wait!




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  1. Some 20 years ago my husband was without a job. He bought a good quality metal detector and went treasure hunting on the tourist beaches here in Hawaii. He found lots of lost keys, bottle caps and coins. He also found lots of silver and gold rings and those were sold for income. He still has a metal detector and goes out occasionally as a hobby now but in those days it covered the daily expenses. You could also add fishing and gardening to your list of hobbies for income.

  2. One of mine wants to make a living from running an anime channel, but at the moment he’s still studying how to do it. He’ll do all the animation & music himself but will need to hire voice actors apparently!

    The youngest wants to do game streaming but needs a new graphics card first as his keeps freezing/too slow which costs £££. 🙁

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