Taking care of the pennies: 5 frugal actions for the week

frugal actions

The room is bathed in glorious spring sunshine today. It’s beautiful weather! I was thinking how little I have achieved this week, but actually is is the small frugal actions I take that make a big difference in terms of the bank balance. As the old saying goes, “Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”!

small frugal actions

So my small but significant frugal actions for the week are as follows.

Hanging the washing out

I made the most of the sunshine and hung the washing on the line for the first time this year. It saves falling over the clothes horse or running the dehumidifier to try to dry them. I don’t understand people who continue to waste energy and money on their dryers when the weather is so good.

Having a clear out

My daughter and I went for lunch at my parents and helped  sort some of the junk in their garage. I say junk, but actually some of it is treasure so we have listed much of it on eBay. They say if it sells we can have 50% of the profits.

Making the most of not paying council tax

It is lovely in February and March to have a couple of months off paying the council tax, particularly as it is due to go up again. Instead of spending it, I put £130 into my car fund . My old banger won’t last forever, so I will need a new old banger!

Free trip

frugal actions

We went for a walk last Sunday with Mr S’s brother and dog to see a regular classic car meet up down at the river. There weren’t hundreds there but they were interesting. Old cars are so much more beautiful and full of character than new ones. I love them.

We also got a look around the boat that the sea scouts use, which is an old light ship. I love being a tourist in my own town.

Saving money on meds

I would have done this before, but I kept thinking my neck problems would be sorted by now. However, as I don’t think my trapped nerve will be going without surgical intervention now, I bought a 3 month prescription card. I paid for it with one lot of tablets, so anything else I need will be effectively free.

So that is my week of small but worthwhile frugal actions. Do you look after the pennies? What have you done this week to save money?

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7 thoughts on “Taking care of the pennies: 5 frugal actions for the week

  1. We don’t have the two free months council tax as we opted to spread it over 12 months, now that we are on pension I find it easier to have all the direct debits the same for each month. We opted to pay the car insurance annually as we worked out they charge £50 a year to pay by direct debit, also cancelled the pet insurance on our old dog as it went up hugely and we will keep that amount aside in case it is needed. I did splash out on two pairs of sketchers shoes in the sale, £20 off each pair, having wide feet I need decent comfy shoes and hopefully they will last a while. The transition to vegan is working out well and husband is even embracing the change and I think it will help his psoriasis, some of our meals have been really tasty and cheap, so all in all feeling quite pleased.

  2. I love the Morris Minor. In 1972 we had a 1953 Morris with split windowscreen and trafficators. We paid £50 for it and we kept it until we had 2 children and a dog then sold it for £100 so I suppose that was quite frugal. Today I bought a lovely little Miffy bag with 3 books inside in the charity shop for DGD and yesterday her mum and I took her to pet’s corner in our town park which is free and we spent nothing. Apart from that just the usual everyday frugal things. Oh and I did hang the washing out.

  3. .Well, I worked 22 hours this week so even though I had a few extra expenses because of going in everyday – I come out 20 hours ahead!
    .I brought lunch with me from home each day
    .Continued to use up meat from the freezer for dinners – I have so many HM meals in there that I won’t be doing any cooking next week – aside from vegetables.
    .Combined some special flyer offers on frozen veg with this week’s loyalty point offers and now have a freezer full of assorted veg (sale price was reduced by 50%).
    .Baked a buttermilk loaf filled with raisins & a bit of chopped peel for a sweet.
    .Picked up a refill on two prescriptions – no cost because of my benefits pkg.

  4. I too hung my washing out although it is against city ordinances here as they think it makes the city look untidy. I know ridiculous!! I have a fenced in garden and green belt behind me so no one can see. My friends all think I’m a loony but my clothes last longer , smell fresher and my bank balance healthier. I think they’re the lonnnies.

  5. Five things that I did this week to save money:
    1. Today was glorious and I too hung the washing out on the line.
    2. I went into town, which is only a mile away, but I walked there and back.
    3. I made tea in the teapot using leaf tea instead of making it in the cups with a tea bag each. A packet of leaf tea lasts ages compared to buying tea bags.
    4. Got books out of the library, such a great service, which is free to everyone.
    5. Took my lunch with me everyday instead of buying it.

    As you say, it’s the little things, day in day out, that do add up.

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