Super woman Saturday 

Sometimes there is too much to do. I feel like I need to be super woman to keep up!

Super womanThis week has been a busy one. As well as work, we have been dog sitting, as I mentioned in previous posts. Fortunately Mr S has done the bulk of the walking. I have also prepared and run two yoga sessions for colleagues. I loved this! It made me remember how much I love teaching.

Happily I have sold quite a bit on eBay so have been packaging that up in the evenings so that Mr S can post it for me.

Super woman cleaner

This weekend I have two houses to clean. I want to leave our friends’ house as spotless as we found it plus ours also needs doing.

I have a big bag of items to list on eBay and another big batch of soup to make for the freezer too.

There is a lot to do in the garden as well. Mr S has been cutting the lawns but we need to finish digging the veggie patch and generally tidying up.

Finally I want to spend time doing some work on the blog. I have been working really hard to improve it and make my posts as useful as possible.

Setting my priorities

I wish I could work part time to do all the things I actually enjoy doing! It can be exhausting to achieve everything. I am my own worst enemy I guess because there is so much I want to do.

In the end, I am not going to do it all this weekend so I will make a proper list and prioritise what needs doing the most. We need some fun and relaxation too!

What about you? Do you find life too busy at times. Do you need to be a super woman (or man) to get everything done?

11 thoughts on “Super woman Saturday 

  1. I think you do remarkably well, Jane, to hold down a job and do all the other things you do. One thing I’ve learned is that all the tasks in a home are never complete, we just have to do the best we can. I would love to have an immaculate home, cupboards and drawers organized, windows sparkling, nothing which needs ‘attention’ but it just isn’t going to happen. All we can do is our best, and yes, it’s a good idea to prioritize what is essential and what isn’t. The trouble is, if you’re like me you consider all the jobs essential! So don’t flog yourself to death, trying to clean two houses in one day. Leave the house-sitting house clean, by all means; this could be the open-sesame to other such house-sitting jobs – you would be recommended highly if you left that house spotless (which you will do, I know), but when you are at home, run around with the vacuum (or get one of the family to do this), straighten the cushions and have a rest before the start of yet another busy week. Don’t allow your health to suffer, you need rest as well as good food and exercise. You have had a busy week, set time aside for rest and relaxation, too.
    Margaret P

  2. Hi
    I know exactly where you are coming from on this and I think as women, it is in our nature to think we can do it all but I’ve learnt the hard way and it’s affected my health. I won’t go into it on here because we’ll be here for days, suffice to say that it’ s taken me a long time to slow down. I now have m.e. and fibromyalgia and this impacts my ability to do stuff. I’ve gradually gone from 5 days to 4 days work and then last year went to 3 days.

    I work what can be a quite stressful job but I like what I do, just wish I could change some of the people

    I tend to have easy cook meals the evenings of days I work, mainly because I am pooped when I get in. The last day of work I come home and blitz the house after a quick cuppa. To be fair there is only the two of us and I’ve ‘trained’ my hubby quite well so we’ re reasonably tidy. I don’t do any house cleaning on days I’m at work. I just plump cushions at end of night and make sure kitchen is tidy before bed.

    I change beds the first day I have off and usually do a bit of washing and ironing. Next day I sort any bills, meal plan against fridge/freezer/cupboards and do any ironing. Saturday is usually some shopping but as I don’t sleep I’m in supermarket before 8 am and the crowds descend because I’m not great with tons of noise and people anymore. Hubby and I do the grass but I’l be honest I’ve taken bushes and shrubs up as I was the green fingered one and just hoeing raking and brushing alone, tire me. In summer months, I use miraclegro flowers as you shake and they come up for a few months and then you pull me up until next year and then re peat the process. Sunday is what I call my day of full rest. Apart from roast dinner I just potter around doing things for me such as reading, jigsaw puzzles, knitting etc.

    You do a lot with your time Jane. Don’t detract from the fact that you work five days, have your daughters and parents to think of, as well as your lodger. Whilst you may not see some, or all of them, all of the time, thinking and worrying about them can tire you out without realising it (I speak from experience) and then you run this fab-u-lous blog that I read daily along with others. You are so inspiring.

    It is important to have time for yourself (and with Mr S of course). Lists are always your best friend but don’t be too worried if you don’t complete what you needed to. There’s always tomorrow. Sorry for the length of the post….don’t think I’ve ever talked this much. Keep doing what you re doing. You’re doing more than most – it’s just about balance.

    • Aw thanks! You are right, of course. We do try to just relax at least some of Sunday. Life is too busy but I make time for yoga and keep my stress levels down. I’m sure this helps. Feeling a bit shattered now though as up since six with the dogs and cleaning. But having a bath and a rest now, 4.30 :-). Off to see Jools Holland tonight so hope I don’t zonk out!

  3. I find the need for my Super Woman outfit comes in fits and bursts. We can be going along quite happily for weeks then everything seems to hit at once!
    A general indicator of how tired I am is if I fall asleep on train, bus and car journeys! Its been happening a lot lately – usually because it’s the only time I get to sit for any length of time!!
    When I lived in America (5 children with just 7 years between the oldest and youngest) I had a personalised number plate holder for our van which read “Please pass quietly … Driver asleep”!!!

  4. I can,t get on top of things and it does drive me nuts. Working full time driving 12 miles to work takes it out of me. I have all these dreams of what I want to do, but I am either to knackered or don,t have the time to do stuff. I am seriously hoping to relocate out of greater London to the country next year. Can,t wait but at the moment it’s just a dream.

    • Jill, I’m with you. Working full time is hard going. It’s ok if you get home and your teas on the table, the laundry and cleaning have been done, but think you can only hope for that if you are a man….

  5. Oh yes, yes, yes! I do find life too busy and I only work part time, so don’t feel that you are somehow failing by not managing to get everything done. Seems to me that you fit lots in to your time; you’re doing fine.
    It is crazy that when I worked full time I seemed to manage my personal time better – I suppose because there was less of it.
    Sometimes I crave more time to do what I WANT to do rather than what I NEED to do.
    But let’s be thankful that we have lots to fill our lives; some people struggle to fill theirs and as a result are bored and lonely.

  6. Hi, Jane
    I’m pretty new to your blog, think it’s great.
    I work shifts which normally give me plenty of time off to do all the things! But recently I ended up with only weekends off and was so frustrated with how little time I had to get stuff done and how little time to relax and unwind before going back to work on Monday.
    Anyone who works Monday to Friday regularly has my total admiration! You have to be so organised to fit everything in, go shopping when the shops are so busy, and to do more than just the basics you do have to be Superwoman!!
    Tree x

  7. Yes it is hard working full time and running a home, however us women achieve it albeit on occasions we have ended up very tired. I would love to work part time instead of full time, unfortunately due to the current pension crises and high cost of living, not many of can afford to cut our working hours. I feel that all us women are superwomen to be able to fit everything into our lives and do a full time job plus run a home and garden and have a family. WOW I think we are all amazing xx

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