Spending wisely – Releasing the purse strings

Spending wisely on budget DIY

After two no spend months, I finally released the purse strings a tad and bought some cushion covers. We are planning a budget lounge makeover over the coming months. I am going to buy a few small bits each month to spread the cost. We will replace some of the wallpaper, paint everything and get new curtains, throws cushions and a rug. We won’t spend more than a couple of hundred pounds and will be spending wisely. I’m going for an ethnic, Indian feel. You don’t need to shell out a fortune to brighten up your home.

spending wiseley. Photo of cushion coversMr S has fitted the new wood burner, built a hearth and added a shelf. We now need to employ someone to line the chimney – this is the expensive bit! It may have to wait a bit. In the meantime I will continue to spend as little as possible!

DIY hair cut

I finally got around to buying some sharper hairdressing scissors at the weekend. I say ‘buy’ but they cost me nothing as I got them with my Boots points. Got to love Boots! The points on the loyalty card are really worth having and cutting my own hair continues to save me money. I will get a professional cut next time I think but won’t bother with the blow dry to save a bit of cash.

Tired this week. Thank heavens it’s almost the weekend. Until tomorrow 😀.

4 thoughts on “Spending wisely – Releasing the purse strings

  1. Mr. S sounds very handy. I know it will turn out great when all is done. I need to replace windows, flooring, cabinets and paint and keep putting it all off…

  2. Those are really lovely cushion covers, they look like silk? You are quite right, you don’t need to spend a fortune to brighten up a room. The best way is a lick of paint for the woodwork I think, fresh cushions, and having the windows clean. Even a change of ornaments, books, magazines, pictures, can give a room a lift, and always – well, if finances allow – a bunch of fresh flowers (I’m not keen on silk ones regardless of how life-like they are.)
    Margaret P

  3. They are very attractive cushions and will fit an ethnic look perfectly. Do show us what else you get. I like to change my living room about every 18 months or so and here is how I do it and very little cost and taking very little time. I have a neutral basic colour scheme for suite and curtains with a slightly darker but still quite neutral carpet. In two large containers I store cushions, a throw and coloured ornaments. One box is for a green theme and the other contains the items for a terracotta scheme. I am currently putting together a purple/wine scheme – only a couple of items so far. Once I have all the bits I want – I am aiming for autumn this year, I shall put away the current terracotta pieces until I fancy them again. Fresh flowers – I love them and try, when there is something available, to supplement them with a few bits from the garden.

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