SHOMOS round up – money blogger awards

What a week! I had an eventful time at the SHOMOS in London, with a few bumps in the road. That’s life I guess. It would be dull if things always ran to plan.

The SHOMOS – what’s it all about?


I travelled up to London on Saturday for the SHOMOS, the annual conference and awards of the UK Money Bloggers group, sponsored by Yolt.

What a great day – I absolutely loved it! We had brilliant talks from Cora Harrison (the Mini Millionaire), Laura Light (Savings for Savvy Mums) and Jordon Cox,  aka the Coupon Kid, on various aspects of blogging and life generally.

Jordon gave a very moving account of his recent, very severe illness and how, despite being hospitalised for months on end, he managed to write and publish his first book, Secrets to Saving: The Ultimate UK Couponing Guide. He really is a remarkable young man. I reviewed Jordon’s book here.

There were also a couple of panel discussions on dealing with debt and tips to future proof your finances, which were incredibly helpful and informative.

The SHOMOS event is pulled together by Andy Webb from , now the money expert on Channel five’s Shop Smart Save Money. He does an amazing job every year and is an all round lovely man.

How did we do at the SHOMOS?


Shoestring Cottage was nominated in three categories, Best Frugal Food Blog, Best Money Saving Blog and the People’s Choice Award. Sadly, I didn’t come home with any awards this time. However, I was really delighted to discover that it was quite a big deal to be in the final shortlist of six for the People’s Choice award. The original list consisted of 83! More than happy with this. This is all down to my lovely readers, who took the time to vote for me. Thank you so much if you did!

I was delighted that my friend Emma from the Money Whisperer did extremely well, scooping two awards. When I met her for the first time last year she had only been blogging for a few months. Nikki from the Female Money Doctor also did well. Please check them both out as their blogs are well worth a read and their awards were well deserved. There are so many others I could mention. You can find the full list of winners here.


Then it all went to pot….

Having had the best day, I started to feel a bit queasy on the way home. Tube – bus replacement service – train, enough to make anyone feel a bit putrid. However, it turned into the winter vomiting virus and by the time I got back it was in full swing. Not good! However, at least I lost a few pounds! So, if I have been a little quiet on the blogging front this week, you will understand why. I managed to infect a few of my fellow bloggers and poor Mr Shoestring too.

The slightly traumatic journey home aside, the SHOMOS is a brilliant event. If you are a blogger who writes about finance in some way, or if you know someone who does, point them at the website. There is also a very supportive Facebook group you can request to join.

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5 thoughts on “SHOMOS round up – money blogger awards

  1. Thank you for the vote of support Jane! It was so fab to catch up at the SHOMOS. Glad to hear you are on the mend – what an awful end to a fabulous day…

  2. Doesn’t Jordan have a lovely speaking voice, I saw him at a WI talk near Lincoln. He would do well on radio and TV. Hope you are feeling better now.

    • I remember reading it on your blog. I think that was the first time I came across him. I mentioned it and he knew you straight away. This week he also won a Pride of Essex award in the inspirational youth category

  3. What does SHOMOS stand for, Jane? I’ve no idea but realize it’s about not spending but saving. Mind you, playing devil’s advocate, if we all did that the economy would crash and we’d all be a lot worse off, ha ha! I think we should not be wasteful but we should obviously continue to spend, but to spend wisely. Maybe this should be our mantra? We need a strong economy.
    Sorry you didn’t win any of the categories but you are a winner with your readers!
    Sorry you have been ill, too. Lots of fluids (not alcoholic ones, mind!) and rest … but rest is harder to achieve, I know. Have a lovely weekend.
    Margaret P

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