Reducing plastic waste and saving money on toiletries

reducing plastic waste

Almond oil makes a good cleanser and moisturiser

A while ago I blogged about trying to reduce plastic waste.. I knew that this could save me money too, and it has! I focused on my toiletries and stopped buying handwash and shower gel, instead reverting to good old fashioned bars of soap.

Reducing plastic waste with shampoo bars

I began buying solid shampoo bars from Lush. These aren’t that cheap to buy at around £6.50 a bar, but they do last a long time. I am on my second bar since April and think it will last me another couple of months. I like them! I did try a solid conditioner bar but this was not a success. It didn’t feel like it was doing anything. They are a good way of reducing plastic waste as they come packaged just in paper.

I also tried almond oil purchased in a glass bottle but it made my hair rather lank. I am back to cheap conditioner in plastic bottles and still looking for a decent alternative that isn’t expensive. I know you can use vinegar to get a good shine but my hair is dry so I need a bit of moisture.

reducing plastic waste

The solid deodorant has so far lasted 3 months

Almond oil

The almond oil has proved a decent cleanser and I also use it as a body lotion. Mine cost £2.50 for 250ml from a shop in Hackney.

My solid deodorant, again from Lush, has been a huge success and looks as if it will last at least 6 months. It really works and I use it on my feet too so no more expensive aerosol sprays. Mine is based on bicarbonate of soda but they have others. I’m not sure they would work as well.

I have explored other items sold in glass or metal containers which look nice but are far too expensive for me. They tend to be hand made or luxury items. What a shame the mass producers don’t think about their environmental footprint when producing and packaging their goods.

Any more ideas?

9 thoughts on “Reducing plastic waste and saving money on toiletries

  1. I have to wash my shoulder length hair daily due to grease and looking like a wild woman when I get up!! I only use cheap (£1) shampoo – in fact my current bottle was 75p. I’ve cut out conditioner but instead invested in a well known serum of which I only use a pea size amount so the bottle lasts for ever! For me this works better. When the kids still lived at home I once counted up over 20 bottles / jars of products in the shower tray. Ridiculous! I always try to get the smallest containers available when buying products.

  2. I know health shops used to sell ecover and other cleaning materials from huge vats, and you could take along your own bottle to refill to avoid having to purchase a new plastic bottle each time. I would if there is a similar service for shampoo and the like?

  3. I get most of my hair and bathing stuff from Aldi find it first class. Bought some coconut oil (its solid) rub it between hands then run through hair and it stops the frizz.

  4. I have very dry hair. I’ve found that mayonaiise makes a nice conditioner. Put a shower cap/bonnet on and let it bake into your hair with a bonnet dryer or else in the sun until its hard a crunchy. Then rinse it with cool water. Works well. No, your hair won’t stink once your done. Coconut oil is another good hair/skin conditioner too.

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