Ho ho ho! Planning for Christmas

Planning for Christmas

Ok don’t pelt me with rotten eggs. I know it’s only 2nd October. However, if you don’t want to end up with a huge credit card bill Christmas should be planned for. It comes at the same time every year, so it shouldn’t really be a nasty surprise to your wallet!

I am actually behind where I was last year in my planning for Christmas. I usually buy small bargain presents and stocking fillers as I  go through the year but the few I have found have been instantly used as birthday presents by the family. I also usually have lots more in the kitty, but my car has been troublesome and expensive and eaten a chunk of my Christmas budget.

Even so, I have made a start on my shopping  and will try to get as much done as I  can way before the rush. My sister couldn’t believe it when I asked for ideas for presents for her kids in September! I have bought a couple of Mary Berry cookery books as presents from Aldi. Lovely looking recipes at a bargain price!

  Secret Santa

I stopped buying for the adults in my family a few years ago. We are a large family and it’s just too expensive. Instead we do Secret Santa and this works well. We buy for children in full time education; once they leave school or university they join in with Secret Santa. I buy for my daughters and ask for ideas. They have a £50 budget and on top of that I buy small gifts such as socks, underwear, books and toiletries.

Most of our Christmas food comes from Aldi. They do a lovely range of treats at Christmas. If we are at home what we eat will be very traditional. It’s just a fancy roast after all, so doesn’t need to cost a fortune. I have made my pudding in the past but find it more economical to buy Aldi’s luxury pud rather than fork out on lots of ingredients. Christmas cake rarely gets eaten, so I will make a fancy cake as a treat, like a gooey chocolate one.

Buying in the sales

I have wrapping paper and cards put away that I purchased last year in the sales. Always a good tip! I keep and recycle gift bags so I never need to buy those.

I use the same artificial tree I have had for  years along with ancient decorations! I don’t spend a fortune and keep the decor simple. I might cut some holly to put in a couple of big vases. I expect the kitten to destroy any display fairly quickly and I can’t see the tree lasting long…

Anyone else planning for Christmas? Is it a source of joy or anxiety? Any tips for a frugal festive season?

4 thoughts on “Ho ho ho! Planning for Christmas

  1. You are so right, it’s time to get to work – Christmas will be here before we know it. We are slated to get an Aldi nearby sometime soon. Not sure if it will be before Christmas this year.
    Even though I have tried, like you, to get some bargains throughout the year, I always struggle with getting enough gifts because 3/4 of close family (hubby, kids, and grandkids) all have birthdays in December, January and February! But somehow it all comes together every year.
    Jo Ann

  2. Yes, I start early as well and do pretty much as you do. I like the idea of Secret Santa as my adult children still have a small gift. I think they may like the idea as well.

  3. Before we had so many kids in the family I did all my shopping on Christmas Eve. There were such good bargains and hardly anyone shopping. Now that there are more kids in the family and those of close friends we too have stopped buying for most of the adults and all get for the kids only. I’ve split my list over three months, decided how much I can spend on each gift, and find something I like. We’ve all agreed as a family to keep Christmas modest and tend to get more substantial gifts for the kids and the adults on their birthdays. I like to buy adults things like passes for the local arts cinema as it gives them some free tickets and discounted admissions during the year.

  4. If any of you like, or have daughters who like, the Impulse range of body sprays, they’re currently on sale in Superdrug for 97p each!

    That’s me finally started! 🙂

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