On the Money with Jane from Skinted Minted Mum

This week’s On the Money guest blogger is Jane Wallace from Skinted Minted Mum. Jane is a journalist and author who now blogs about family finance with her friend and former colleague, Charlotte Beugge.

Conversations with money bloggers: On the Money

on the money

What is your earliest memory of having and spending money? 

Buying a Texas bar at the newsagent on the Finchley Road, London with my pocket money. 

Have you ever felt out of control with your money? 

Sometimes, when lots of bills arrive at the same time.  

What was your worst money decision? 

Investing in a Middle East/Africa fund just before the oil price crashed (four or five years ago). Its value sank. Fortunately I hadn’t put too much money in it… 

What was your best money decision? 

Buying a one-bedroom apartment aged 26 in Oval, London. 

What is your best tip for saving money at home? 

Use comparison websites and move energy supplier and insurer every year. Loyalty does not pay. 

What is your best tip for saving money out and about? 

Make a list and stick to it. Bring your own lunch/snacks/bottle of water. 

What would be your advice to the 18 year old you regarding finance? 

Save – even if it’s just a little. 

What was your biggest ever bargain? 

A half-price sofa in the Laura Ashley sale. It’s still fabulous 15 years on. 

What was your most recent purchase?

on the money

A pair of shoes – some summer sandals.  

Do you stick to a monthly budget? 

Yes. However, I do borrow and pay back from an emergency fund occasionally. 

Do you have any long term financial goals you would like to share?

I’d like to get a full state pension. In my case, that will mean saving up to buy extra years. 

If you won a million on the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? 

Make a large donation to Surfers against Sewage. Then buy a shack on a beach in a warm country. 

Great choice! A shack in a warm country sounds just the thing. I have no idea what a Texas bar is though! To read more from Jane, go to her blog Skinted Minted Mum.

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