A no shopping week: this week’s meal plan

I am not planning a shop at all this week, as we still have quite a lot of food in the house. Our meal plan will be based on what we can find in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. It is a no shopping week!

I am still recovering from my trapped nerve, although it does feel a little better. Even so, I am keeping it super easy.

no shopping week

A meal plan for no shopping week


Cheese omelettes, jacket potatoes and salad. We need something really easy as we were up at 4 in the morning taking our student for her bus. 4 am on a Saturday!!!! How did I get talked into that?


We will have a roast today. Mr S has chicken thighs and I have nut cutlets in the freezer. Will have roast potatoes, lots of veg and Yorkshires.


All being well with my neck pain, I hope to be back at work. I expect to be tired and I am not planning on any major cooking. Mr S won’t be here, so I will make do with bread and soup.


Penne with tuna and black olives. This is a healthy store cupboard favourite that is quick to make too.


Prawn risotto, as I have both prawns and peppers in the freezer, with salad.


Fish and chips – nothing home made here. Both from the freezer. We will have peas with this and some salad if there is any left. I have a massage booked for my neck and shoulder so I need something quick anyway.


Slow cooker vegetable casserole. I will chop it all up before work and chuck it in the slow cooker. I love coming home to something warming from the slow cooker.

Not the most inspiring of menus, I realise, but I am not pushing myself until I am completely better! I will embrace my no shopping week as it saves time and money.

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This week I am linking up with Katy Kicker. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look at her blog. For more of my tips on meal planning, try this post.

10 thoughts on “A no shopping week: this week’s meal plan

  1. Lovely sounding meals, Jane. This is how I used to plan meals years ago when not only did I work part time but also had two children and also hosted foreign students in the summer. It was necessary to plan carefully in those days. Now, as pensioners, we’re a bit more relaxed about meal planning, but after years of practice, we just use up what was left, for example I opened a ti of Spam (quit the Monty Python jokes, ha ha!) yesterday as I just fancied a Spa sandwich, and so we had the leftover spam with salad and salad potatoes and coleslaw for lunch. I made minestrone soup today (a Delia recipe) and that will be for supper tomorrow and another portion for the freezer for whenever. It’s really common sense (if only common sense were common to all!)
    I hope your neck will feel better soon – I suffered from a frozen shoulder for months, physio made it worse, so I do know how restricting shoulder pain can be.
    Have a good weekend, nonetheless, Jane,
    Margaret P

  2. Going to be out a lot this week and do have a few lunch “dates” with friends (nowhere too expensive) so meals at home will be light and using up things I have on hand already. Not sure which days but I’ll be using up the following:
    .Salmon cakes already in the freezer for two meals
    .Ham, already in the freezer for 2 meals
    .Tuna salad with green salad or soup
    .Eggs x 2
    I’ll use up leftover cooked veggies along with the carrots, broccoli, green beans and brussels sprouts already in the fridge – along with frozen peas & corn if needed.
    I have frozen berries and will have them with either yogurt or cottage cheese for breakfast (have both in the fridge).
    I’ll probably make a pot of soup at some point and there is also some cold meat & cheese to use up so no shopping needed (although I may pick up a couple of sale items that would be handy to have for November).

  3. Actually, that sounds like a great menu. Lots of simple and comforting foods. Perfect if you’ve been feeling rough.
    Impressed that you won’t be shopping at all!

  4. Oh no! I do hope you are getting on the mend fast! I love the feeling of being able to make a week’s worth of meals without going shopping. In fact, some of my best meals are made when the kitchen cupboards are almost bare.

  5. I am planning on having a week of no shopping next week! The freezer is rammed full and so are the cupboards.
    I’m glad your neck is feeling a bit better. Good luck with returning to work.

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