Mr S to the rescue

 I went to Aldi to do the weekly shop on Saturday. I always get there as they open at the weekend. If you don’t you can’t get in the car park! The stores aren’t huge but I think all the car parks are too small. This isn’t helped when a massive delivery lorry turns up and takes up half the car park, which seems to happen quite often.

They had some lovely plants in there and I couldn’t resist. They are so cheap! I also found a solar  hurricane lamp for a friend’s birthday, but when I got it home we liked it so much we decided to keep it and go back and get a few more as presents. Of course when we got there it was absolute bedlam!

I thought my 15 year old Miele dishwasher had finally bitten the dust on Saturday as it started making a terrible grinding noise. I bought it in the sale and even then it cost £450 but it has been brilliant for a long time.  Mr S came to the rescue though and pulled some bits apart and found a prune stone – it must have got into the works somehow! It works fine now 😀. I could have spent £100 getting an engineer out but I probably would have just scrapped it as it is so old. Every household needs a Mr Shoestring!

He also repaired two garden chairs I got as a set from the charity shop. The table and two of the chairs are solid but the other two were slightly damaged. Now we have a full set and just need the sunshine back.

Honestly, he is a gem 😀😀. Hope he doesn’t read this – don’t want his head expanding!

4 thoughts on “Mr S to the rescue

  1. My local Aldi up North from you is manic too! My shopping day is a Friday and its a case of dropping DS off at school then straight there and like you the carpark is always heaving!

    I am loving the value plants at the min and the Summer special buys are fab!

    I am jealous of your Mr Shoestring – I need one too, can you clone me one please? 🙂

  2. Your post made me feel a bit sad as my husband used to be my Mr Fixit but he had a stroke 18 months ago leaving him paralysed on the left side and although he is working hard to improve his movement, he will never be back to what he was before. We consider ourselves lucky as his speech and mind were not affected.
    Make sure you appreciate all your partners .

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