Meal planning to save time

meal planning to save time

Although it can seem like a faff, meal planning really does pay dividends. It saves both money and time. The latter I seem to be particularly short of at the moment. There aren’t enough hours in the day! Meal planning to save time is essential this week.

We have a student from China staying for a fortnight from tomorrow. She has finished her studies at the university and is obliged to leave her accommodation, but wants to hang around for a couple of weeks. As our lodger left yesterday and we don’t have anyone long term at the moment, this suits us. We do have a few people asking to view the room, though, so I hope she keeps it tidy!

A deep clean

I have been spending time giving the house a deeper clean than usual. Sorting and cleaning drawers, the oven, the fridge and freezers, for example. When you have someone new coming to stay, it makes you hyper critical!

We also couldn’t let our grape harvest rot on the vines so have pulled some off to make grape liqueur. It is a very basic mix of grapes, a small amount of sugar and some cheap vodka. Hopefully it will be ready for Christmas! I need to find time at some point very soon to make some grape jelly too. We offered the grapes to everyone we know to see if anyone fancied making wine, but had no takers. They aren’t really sweet enough to just eat, so we need to find ways to preserve the harvest.

With all this activity and our usual hours at work, no wonder time is short!

Meal planning to save time: this week’s dinners

Our student is happy to sort out her own food, so that’s something. It means I don’t have to fuss. I do have friends round on Friday for dinner, though! I will have to make it all the evening before as I am working on Friday. Everything apart from the food for Friday is quick and easy to put together.


Pork chops or veggie burgers with new potatoes, broccoli and peas.


Nut burgers with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, carrots and broccoli. We have quite a few bananas that need eating, so will have those with custard for dessert.


Haddock with parsley sauce, new potatoes and green beans from the freezer.


The last of the chilli for Mr S and chick pea curry for me, both from the freezer, with some Indian wraps I found in Lidl.


meal planning to save time

Vegetable risotto and salad. Mr S can have a chicken breast with his. I shall just top mine with some grated cheddar.


Something really quick so I can get on with cooking tomorrow’s dinner! Just an omelette and chips I think or maybe some leftover risotto is there is some.


This is the evening I have the girls round! We are having cashew nut and mushroom roast, with roast potatoes, onion gravy and vegetables. For pudding I am planning apple and almond pudding – a Delia Smith recipe that I really love. It is easy to make and gluten free to boot. We won’t have a starter – just some nibbles.

Do you do meal planning to save time and money? For more on this see my post here.

As usual, to keep my shopping budget on track,  I am linking up with Katy Kicker . If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look here.

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  1. Do you link to your recipes? The mushroom and nut roast sounds so goo. My vegetarian daughter is with us for a few weeks as she starts a new job tomorrow and hasn’t found an apartment yet (and still has her old lease until November 1 so happy to have her stay and save a bit of her money.) girls nights beg simple food-they get it.

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