A meal plan to lose weight

Meal plan to lose weight

This week’s meal plan has got to be healthy! I need to stop reaching for comfort food like chocolate and… no, it’s just chocolate that is my downfall at the moment. so I need a meal plan to lose weight.

As I am home a lot and nowhere near as active as usual, I have been piling on the pounds and I don’t like it. No jeans with elasticated waistbands for me, thanks.


I have been taking a daily walk, as I said I would in my post Seven Days to be the Best Version of Myself.

Time to develop some better habits with my eating too. Also, potentially time to feel hungry a lot!

I hate dieting. However, when I have needed to drop a few pounds in the past sticking to an eating plan has been the way to go.

A meal plan to lose weight

Better snacks

Snacking is my downfall. will make sure I have lots of chopped up fruit and veg around for snacks, as well as some fat free Greek yogurt. I will also buy some crackers for the evenings when I snack the most, with a low fat topping such as lactose free cottage cheese.

Breakfasts will be muesli or porridge with fruit, as usual. Lunches will be a sandwich with a hard boiled egg or some low fat grated cheese and lots of salad.

This week’s meal plan isn’t a hundred miles from what I usually eat but I will cut out a lot of the cheese and some of the carbs. I will also keep my portion sizes small.

meal plan to lose weight


Mozzarella, basil and courgette frittata with a large green salad for me and some new potatoes for Mr S.


Salmon with lots of vegetables. Mr S can have more new potatoes with his.

We always have a dessert on Sunday, so fruit and yogurt.


Chick pea curry with a chapati.


Vegetable and aduki bean bolognese. Broccoli.


Vegetable stew with a small portion of mashed potato. Mr S will have some baked chicken with his.


More veg stew with a piece of baguette.


Cod fillet with home made tomato sauce and lots of veggies.

It sounds a pretty healthy meal plan to lose weight, doesn’t it? Now all I have to do is stick to it!

Are you trying to lose a few pounds? Do you follow a particular plan?

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6 thoughts on “A meal plan to lose weight

  1. My husband and I calorie count each meal and then if we snack its no dessert etc. he likes the sensations mini popadoms as a packet is less than 100 calories. we also used the hairy bikers books on weight loss and bbc good food has sections for calories. its worked for us and yes food sounds lovely

  2. It sounds like a good meal plan, really healthy. Have you ever tried calorie counting for weight loss? I know it may sound like a pain but it really works for me. I am currently trying to lose some weight (mostly want to lose the belly fat) and I am now through 4 weeks of calorie counting and so far I have lost almost 2kg. I am really pleased with the results. The first week it was just counting calories without doing any changes to my diet but I also started weight training that week. The second week I tried to eat no more than 1700 calories a day and now I am eating around 1500-1600 calories a day. All this in combination with being active. The key is to be consistent and not to overeat. I still have desserts as long as it’s within my calorie goal. I managed to control my cravings by having more protein every day so I started to eat things like Quark (high protein, low fat), black bean pasta (you can get it in Aldi) and I am also adding vegan protein powders to my breakfast (I eat less muesli or porridge and more protein). Just some tips for you, hopefully you find them helpful!

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