Meal plan 11th August


I am determined to have a good old clean and declutter. Decluttering is an ongoing project here at Shoestring Cottage. As fast as I get rid of stuff, more seems to appear. Oh well, I find it therapeutic anyway.

Last night I went through the linen cupboard and the shelves in the bedroom. I am gathering suitable items for a boot sale in a couple of weeks. It’s hard to find time for major blitzing when you work full time and have hobbies you want to dedicate some hours to as well – like my blog!

As well as the boot sale, another reason for a deep clean is that I am advertising for a new lodger. Our current one is finishing her masters in a month and will be disappearing back off to Nottingham. I am going to miss her and hope we can find such an easy going person as a replacement.

As I am busy, it is even more important to plan our meals to save time and money. I am going for easy options this week.

meal plan

This week’s meal plan


Ratatouille with rice plus a pork loin steak for Mr S.  I will have grated cheese on mine. Yes, we are still eating donated courgettes. I am almost glad we are not growing them this year!


Spaghetti cheese casserole. We haven’t had this for ages and it’s one of my fave vegetarian dinners.


Veggie burgers from the freezer with fries made in the air fryer and salad. A ‘junk food’ dinner that is actually low fat and nutritious.


meal plan

As we have a lot of potatoes (I bought some but didn’t realise my daughter also had) and they don’t last in the heat, I need to use them up! I am going to try this recipe from Delia Smith, baked fish and potatoes. This looks lovely!


Cheese and courgette quiche with new potatoes and salad. Need to use up the salad ingredients!


Baked salmon with whatever veg we have lying around.


Vegetable curry and rice. I generally make this up as I go with a vegetable selection such as potatoes, peas, celery, broccoli, peas and carrots, a pot of paste and a tin of tomatoes. There are a couple of naans in the freezer that need to be eaten with this.

A bit of balance

I want to make sure we are eating lots of fruit and vegetables and getting at least our five a day. On the other hand, I don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove! My daughter is an excellent cook and she helps a lot, so these are all meals she will happily join in with. Mr S, on the other hand, is terrified of cooking. Definitely a can’t cook, won’t cook sort o person. Luckily, he is otherwise the most handy and practical person I know so we keep him busy anyway.

What’s going on in your kitchen this week? Anything exciting on your meal plan?

As usual, to keep my shopping budget on track,  I am linking up with Katy Kicker and the Organised Life Project. If you want more ideas on meal planning and saving money, take a look here.

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8 thoughts on “Meal plan 11th August

  1. I admire you for cleaning and de-cluttering. Although we have a lot of things in our home, pictures, ornaments, etc, I wouldn’t exactly call it clutter and as I don’t *visit brocantes, flea markets, boot sales of charity shops unless I’m actively seeking something we need (and I use the word “need” advisedly, I don’t mean “looking for something I fancy”!) I don’t add to the clutter. I am not really a magpie, I’ve just inherited a lot of pretty things. But after this hot summer I need to start cleaning, and that is also starting today, Jane, as the weather is damp and dark, an ideal day to get a wiggle on as they say, and get out the Housekeeping Box and Dyson.
    As far as meals, I have a vague idea of what we need in the way of food for the week, 54 years of marriage and really, I don’t need to plan my meals exactly, especially as there are only two of us here, now our sons have homes of their own. But I always buy a lot of fruit and veg and then make things with those throughout the week. Today I will be making summer pudding and later on some fish. We eat very little meat now, with the exception of chicken, and we eat lots of fish, especially salmon which I cook for 20 minutes in the oven with a little soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce and chopped spring onions.)
    So, like you cleaning and generally tidying up starts today.
    PS Bought a bag of large potatoes for the first time in weeks (we’ve been eating small new potatoes as they take only a few minutes to cook and any left overs go into an omelette with some chopped spring onions and chopped rasher of bacon) and so we can have baked potatoes again, yay! I love a baked potato even on it’s own with just some butter (Normandy butter, not yellow English butter which I dislike, sad though I am to say that.)
    *Occasionally we visit the Antiques Centre in Topsham and have found lovely things there, but only things which we have a use for, not just because we like them.
    Margaret Powling

  2. Snap, I have started with my kitchen I have got rid of items that I have not used since moving 18 months ago, and I enjoy, sorting and organising and love a neat cutlery drawer ( I must have too much spare time ). My food processor blew up when making banana nice cream so I have invested in a magi mix, expensive but I intend to use it a lot esp for hummus, vegan nut and lentil loaves and all sorts of yummy and healthy things. We will be having french bread pizzas, courgette fritters, courgette soup, courgette lasagne ( using them instead of the pasta ), veg curry, quorn fishless fingers ( on offer ), spicy bean burgers and wedgies, and for treats, blackberry and apple pie, home made vegan fruit buns, and banana nice cream. Next de-clutter is paperwork that I don’t enjoy doing, then the dreaded under stairs cupboard, happy days !

    • Might I put a comment in here to Chrissie, Jane?
      Chrissie – do away with the under-stairs cupboard. Our builder, 32 years ago, wanted to put one in, but we said No, it would be come a glory hole for little-used things. We love the space instead, it’s part of our hall and we have my old desk there which my mother bought me for my 12th birthday, and lamps on it, so they’re on at night and look pretty. Much better utilization of the space, believe me. But it means you have to find somewhere for the clutter that you do wish to keep; this isn’t insuperable, I’m sure, but for us it means the Dyson lives behind the bedroom door as we do not have a spare cupboard large enough for a vacuum. But a small price to pay, sharing our bedroom with Dyson, for having a much wider and prettier hall.
      Margaret P

      • Thank you for your advice, ours is in the lounge and as our house is small we do need it, it has only got out of control as husband is a chuck it in sort of chap, it is quite organised with storage units and houses the dog food, recycling, jam jars, dyson, steam cleaner etc and we simply have nowhere else to put these things, the storage is those cube shelves with pretty box drawers in them so when it is tidy it looks ok and is quite neat, I just need to train my husband! I have at last got my bedroom how I want it and it looks lovely so I don’t fancy sharing it with the dyson, ironing board and the dog food it’s bad enough sharing it with husband and his fishing books, discarded pocket contents,dirty allotment trousers and items that lose their way on the way to the laundry basket! hey, ho, we are lucky in so many ways I can put up with this!

  3. That baked fish and potatoes recipe sounds really interesting! I need to branch out and try some new recipes really!

    Thanks for linking up – hope you’re having a great week!

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