Making money and spending it too

My feet haven’t touched the ground over the last few days. I am catching up after being away last week, both at home and at work. This is the only issue I have with holidays, but I’m not really complaining!

Guest posts

Because I knew I was going to be busy, I asked a couple of blogger friends to write some guest posts for me. I hope you have had the chance to read Ruth’s one about becoming a freelance writer here, and Tuppenny Fireplace’s one about making money from your hobbies here.

I love the idea of earning extra doing something you really enjoy. I have done a little freelance writing myself and these two articles have inspired me to find more opportunities to do so.

I turned my yoga hobby into a job at one point by training to be a yoga teacher. Never regretted it! Yoga keeps me sane and cheerful.

More writing

I also wrote a guest post for before I went away, about saving money in the garden. As ours is so large, this is a subject close to my heart. I could easily spend a fortune out there. You can check it out here.


I told my daughter I had started listing things on Mercari as an alternative to eBay. She immediately decide to give it a go and has made £250 in just a couple of weeks! Amazing!

I think Mercari works best for younger women, going for good high street brands like Top Shop, New Look, etc plus online ones such as Boohoo and ASOS. I will learn from her success as I haven’t sold much at all.

If you want to try Mercari you can use my referral code to get £2 to spend: XATXYQ.

Spending money

We have splashed out this week and finally admitted the dishwasher needs replacing. Whilst I was there I got a new microwave too. I used AO again, as I was impressed with their excellent customer service when I got our new washing machine recently.

Why do large appliances always decide to die at the same time?

Never mind. I also received a freebie for review this week – an air fryer! I am excited to try it as I have heard good things.

I hope you are having a good week so far too.

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