I’ll add it to my list …

I seem to have been so busy this past week yet have so little worth blogging about! Unless you want to hear about much there is to do at work? I rarely give my job much thought when I am home but it is so frantic I find it is playing on my mind.

At least the cat knows how to relax!

There is a lot to do here as well  – loads of jobs to do before I feel happy bringing in potential lodgers. Their bedroom, the bathroom and the downstairs toilet all need work. The garden also needs several days worth of tidying up before the weather gets tooo cold. That’s the job I actually enjoy if I can find the time. I love to get outside.

I haven’t done much towards Christmas either, although I have sorted out the work team outing. I need to start my gift buying. I have normally done at least 50% by this time.

I have quite a few items I want to sell on eBay as this is the time of year when people are buying. So I have been putting a couple of bits on here and there and managed to sell three items this week.

I am quite an organised person generally and this helps me to prioritise what needs to be done first. I am a great one for lists but at the moment the lists at home and work look rather long and intimidating!

The normal cleaning and shopping won’t do themselves though so I will begin with those. DD2 is visiting today with two of her university friends and they are having a night out in Colchester. They are used to the bright lights of London so it will be interesting to see what they think of our little town.

I will be curling up with Mr S, the cats and a glass of wine as I don’t think we will have much energy to paint the town red.

Anyone else finding the pace of life a bit fast?

6 thoughts on “I’ll add it to my list …

  1. The older you get, the faster time goes. I sometimes get swamped with jobs that need doing, and want to run away from it and go walking. That usually recharges my batteries.

  2. Always over whelmed these days. I bet your daughters friends have a great time-it’s the people that make the fun and might be a good change of venue.

  3. Sorry you are feeling under so much pressure. Is the work situation likely to improve soon? Your Devon holiday must seem a long time ago now! We got back last weekend after our week away in Putsborough and went to see Hirst’s Verity statue in Ilfracombe while there. It’s huge! Not exactly beautiful but striking and thought-provoking. I had to wonder why the sword is thrust into the air but she attempts to hide the scales of justice behind her back.
    Hope you find time for some relaxation this weekend.

  4. In our home we make Christmas a little easier on everyone by assigning each person one person each to buy a gift for. That way everyone gets to give a gift, everyone gets to receive a gift but no one has the pressure and expense of buying multiple gifts. Christmas is about good food and spending time together not contributing to runaway consumerism by buying stuff that isn’t really needed.

    • Yes I agree. In my family there are a lot of people so we do a secret Santa for the adults and buy for the kids. However I do also buy for each of my daughters still and Mr S. I won’t go crazy but I do need to get started!

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