Home spa! Giving myself a treat 

I had a late night yesterday as my friends were round for dinner, followed by an early start with my daughters at a boot sale, so I am a bit knackered! I thought I would give myself a cheap treat, so I have nicked some of my daughter’s posh products and some of my own for a lovely home spa.

home spa

I started with a deep bubble bath and washed my hair, then put on a hair mask – I used an organic avocado and honey one, which was lovely and not at all expensive.  Next I applied a snail face mask – sounds gross but was actually quite nice! I used some of the gorgeous Body Shop shea butter body scrub I had for Christmas. It leaves your skin so soft. I had a good soak then rinsed it all off and applied somebody Body Shop shea body butter. Bliss!

Paying attention to my feet

Then I used my Ped Egg on my feet to get rid of all the  hard skin and some nice foot lotion, did my nails and I am currently chilling with a nice glass of white wine.

You need a treat every now and then, but it doesn’t need to cost much to have a nice home spa.

I bought more bargains at the boot sale to list tomorrow. It was a bit grey and I thought it might rain but it held off. The girls all bought loads of clothes but none of them spent more than a tenner. I love a boot sale! I am going to have a lie in tomorrow though!

What cheap treats do you enjoy?

6 thoughts on “Home spa! Giving myself a treat 

  1. I like a pamper session too – there is something very relaxing and mood-lifting about allowing ourselves to spend time just on ourselves.
    My shoulders and upper back get very knotty. At the gym I go to we have a lady who is a very experienced sports masseur . She offers members a half hour (slightly gentler) back massage for £10 and I treat myself to that sometimes. It really does loosen me up.
    One of my cheapest treats is using my Scholl diamond crystals express pedi which was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. There are various models available and I think mine retails now for about £18 – the cost of one pedicure. I then use a Geranium & Lavender foot balm and put on socks that have been on the radiator. It’s very soothing.
    But I think that one of the nicest and cheapest treats of all is an early bath, a cosy dressing gown and a curl up in the chair on a winter’s evening.
    A favourite cheap summer treat is eating al fresco (the treat being effectively free because we’d be eating anyway), Simple pleasures.

  2. I love to sit with a hot water bottle at my back, that is very soothing. I also use a pillow spray at night, currently rose (from http://www.frenchsoaps.co.uk). Also, reading the Sunday paper in bed with freshly brewed coffee, strong and hot, and then having husband bring me breakfast in bed. I recently had my feet attended to at the chiropodist. I’ve never had a pedicure as I expect that is merely a soak in water and then the nails trimmed and painted, my feet need a little more even though I use a Scholl battery operated foot file thingy, but after a year there is even more hard skin, regardless of my creaming my feet with proper orthopaedic foot cream, every single day. I reckon I was just meant to be a mountain goat with hooves rather than a female human with feet! Maybe I should try a pedicure once in my life!
    But how I agree with Eloise regarding the bath (only for me it’s a shower), a cosy dressing gown, and curling up of a winter’s evening, preferably with a good book or a super TV prog (if you can find one of those these days!) In summer, breakfast or lunch outside, or sitting in the summerhouse watching The Open in July, or Royal Ascot in June, with a bowl of strawberries and cream of course!
    Margaret P

    • Ooooh yes, a hot water bottle for the back. Lovely! A good pedicure is a very relaxing treat and can involve either a foot file or a blade scrape. I’m not keen on the latter. Some involve the use of heated ‘boots’ after the feet have been creamed. However, I think ‘ mountain goat syndrome’ is probably better treated by a podiatrist who is professionally qualified!

  3. one of my favorite cheap treats is local fresh strawberries…once a year for a few weeks I’m in heaven~

    audio books from the library…if I’m overdue I don’t mind the fines…I have a long ride to and from work and they are life savers…

    a new piece of hand dyed wool for rug hooking…just a quarter yard to add some life to my stash

    • I love local strawberries too, Kelly. They are so much sweeter than the Spanish ones. I rarely buy those because they can be quite hard. And then there’s chocolate! So many food treats 🙁

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